10 More Awesome Things My Clients Are Making Happen Right Now

One of my favourite things about the work I'm crazy privileged to do as a creative coach is seeing my clients astonish themselves.

I believe more than anything that we're all oh so capable of creating for ourselves an impactful, fulfilling, and sustainable creative life, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't take a whole lot of hard work, brave steps forward, and determination, devotion, and dedication to move us forward and bridge the gap between where we are now and where we want to be in our business and life along the way. We have to be courageous enough to go after the creative life we're aching for, and almost always we surprise ourselves as we start to discover what we're truly capable of.

Spending my days coaching creative women and supporting them to take those brave and bold steps forward is more fulfilling and meaningful to me than I could simply sum up in a blog post - I'm grateful every single day that this is the work I get to do in the world, and it's so inspiring to bear witness to my clients take ownership of their gifts, give themselves permission to build the creative life they're really aching for, and do brave, bold, and meaningful work in the world through their business and creative endeavours.

Last year I shared a post on 10 Awesome Things My Clients Have Launched, Made, & Created This Year and I'm following it up today with ten more awesome clients who are doing really awesome things in the world right now that I really want to share with you today. 

1. Dionne Elizabeth

Working with Dionne has been an absolute pleasure this year - she's the epitome of a big-hearted creative, and she inspires me so much with her approach to her work and how she blends so many passions and skill sets in her creative career along the way. I've been cheering her on a lot recently as she has relaunched her website and it is looking incredible. Dionne is a yoga and meditation teacher, creative coach, DJ, and writer and her new website is not only crazy beautiful to look at but also so clear and engaging and shares her message in a way that makes me feel just so excited for her and everything that's ahead. She sums her work up in the world perfectly when she says "take care of you with more space, less tension and hopefully lots of feel good" - if that sounds like your kind of thing I definitely recommend spending some time exploring her website and all of the awesome things she's created and bringing to life right now. 

2. Bianca Bass

One of the coolest parts of my job is when a new client gets in touch about working together and I'm already a big fan of their work - and Bianca was exactly that for me. I've been reading her blog for a long time now and I'm constantly inspired by her message, her stories, and her perspective in the world of work and creativity. She's got lots of exciting things coming super soon, and I really recommend checking out her website and articles for her honest musings on careers, creativity, being human and more - I read and adore every single post she publishes and I think you will love them too!

3. Iris Rankin

One of my favourite feelings when working with a client is when I just feel deep in my gut how meaningful and powerful their creative work is going to be in the world, and Iris definitely sparks those feelings for me in every single one of our calls. Iris is an intuitive coach and her work helps women to grant themselves permission to show up exactly who they are and be fully seen in their lives along the way and her message and approach is so intuitive, authentic and wholehearted - if you're aching for that kind of support in the world right now there are lots of awesome resources over on her website you can dive into this way >>

4. Katha Zander

Katha and I have been working together for close to two years now and after that much time you can't help but become quite good friends too and I feel really lucky to have had this space and opportunity to get to know her and support Katha in her journey along the way these past couple of years. She's taken some really brave leaps in that time and it's so awesome to see her continue to show up for her business and creativity along the way. Katha runs a bespoke wedding invitation studio and she has such a fun and thoughtful approach to her design business that I love - if you're currently looking for invitations for your big day I definitely recommend checking Katha's work out! 

5. Anna Chittenden

Working with Anna this year has been so fun - I'm so in awe of the wonderful work she's brought to life in her business so far, and it's exciting to see her continue to do so along the way. Anna is the founder of Lost Guides where she shares travel guides for Asia - and she's published two travel books, one for Bali and another for Singapore that are so beautifully designed and full of so much great advice for anyone travelling to those parts of the world. If you have any upcoming trips to Asia or if you just want to feed your wanderlust, Anna's work will be perfect for you!

6. Cat Byrne

Working with Cat has been so so fun - she lives quite close to where I do, so not only is it awesome to hear a familiar accent during our calls, but it's been so awesome to see Cat take some really brave and bold steps towards pivoting her business to something that truly brings her joy and fulfilment along the way. I also really adore Cat's design style and it's been awesome this year to see her relaunch her website and services and if you're in the market for a website designer right now she may be the perfect fit for you! 

7. Kayte Ferris

Kayte is a blogger, writer, and creative marketing coach and freelancer and she's working on some really awesome things right now including a free e-book on building community and soon will be launching some awesome services for creatives too. Her visual approach to her brand is one of my favourites and I love reading her perspectives on slow living too - I definitely recommend checking out her work if you'd like some guidance and support with creative marketing, or you'd like some inspiration around slow living and living seasonally. 

9. Hannah Lewis

Hannah is awesome, I feel really grateful and lucky to have had the opportunity to get to know her this year - we always have so much fun together in our calls and I love her work so much too. Hannah is an illustrator based in South London and this year she’s recently launched her shop with her beautiful art prints and she’s also available for custom projects too. Hannah has such an awesome creative style and approach and if you’re a lover of illustration I think you’ll really love her work too.

10. Yasamin

It’s been so fun to work with Yasamin this year - seeing her taking brave leaps in her music and creative career, and never being afraid to ask herself the tough questions along the way in this journey inspires me every single time we connect. This year she’s launched her podcast for songwriters, is soon to be launching her debut album, and is heading out on tour soon too and I’m so excited to see what’s ahead for her next in her creative journey!

To finish...

If you’d like to find out more about some of the awesome things my clients do you can over on my Client Stories page, and if you’d like to find out more about working together you can this way - I have just a few spots left now until I’m booked up for 2017!

More than anything, keep on doing the awesome work you’re doing in the world - working with awesome clients like these reminds me every single day that we are all oh so capable of making incredible things happen in the world along the way.

As always, I’m rooting for you!

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