10 Awesome Things My Clients Have Launched, Made, & Created This Year

To say I am inspired by and proud of every single client I work with would be an understatement.

To see creative women be bold and brave, put work that is meaningful to them out there into the world, and to build a creative life and business that feels truly meaningful for them - well, to say this is a dream job for me would be an understatement.

I have learned so much from each and every client I’ve worked with - I grow so much from these women and supporting them in their journey’s, and today I want to share with you some of the really cool things I’ve seen my clients make happen this year in their creative work and businesses. 

I had to narrow this down to just 10, because otherwise this would the longest post in the history of my blog, but if you’d like to find out about more of the awesome things my current and past clients are up to you can always head to my Client Stories page to read more. Below are 10 really awesome things some of my clients have been bringing to life this year, and my hope is that they will either be something that can be of service to you, or that they will just inspire you to also get out there and put your own awesome ideas out into the world. 

1. Asia Croson

I could probably write an entire blog post dedicated to the awesome things Asia is doing. I’ve had the pleasure of being Asia’s coach for around 18 months now and I’m so grateful that we're also now friends too. She has some really cool things coming up soon, but something that’s been so cool to see her create over the past year or so is her magazine, SLO What?, which she has now also built a team around to help her bring it to life. Alongside her jam-packed photography business and other awesome side projects she’s working on right now, Asia brings to life this beautiful magazine that celebrates all things San Luis Obispo, the city where she lives. It’s free to download and beautifully put together, and has the signature infectious positive vibe that everything Asia puts out there into the world has. You can check it out here!

2. Sophie French

Sophie and I have been working together for over a year now and it has been so incredible this year to see her bring her creative copywriting & communications business to life. Sophie is such an endearing, warm, and talented human and she’s built this incredible business for herself this year and I’m so excited for her and everything that’s ahead to come. She recently launched her new website and if you’re a coach or creative looking for the perfect copy for your business, Sophie is the person for you!

3. Amy Young

Amy inspires me every single day and I’m so grateful we’ve had the opportunity to work together this year and that I’ve been able to discover the incredible work she’s doing in the world too. Amy if a life coach and video blogger, and she says it perfectly when she says she is “here to assist you in your love life and your life life”. If your dating life is causing you stress, if you’re feeling stuck in your life and your journey right now, and if you’re ready to dive deep into what you truly desire in your life life and your love life, Amy is the girl for you. You can check out her awesome videos on YouTube here

4. Paige Schmidt

Paige is awesome - her health coaching practice has such an incredible transformative effect in the lives of her clients, and her approach and methodology when it comes to intuitive eating is so refreshing in a world of quick fix diets and obsessing over our weight and size. She recently launched for the second time her 8 week course, Authentically You, a program it’s been so awesome to see her bring to life, and her blog is one I highly recommend checking out if you’d like to dive deep into your relationship with your body, health, and food in a healthy and empowering way.  

5. Sam Brown

When Sam got in touch over the summer about working together I was so excited, as I’ve been aware of her blog and awesome message for a while now and I think she’s an awesome source of inspiration and insight for fellow 20-somethings who want to make the most out of this time in their life. She recently launched her new course, Dream Habit, which she’s made specifically for perfectionists who struggle with their perfectionism ruining their habits, and she has some really exciting things coming up in 2017 that I’m so excited to see her bring to life. 

6. Che Dyer

Working with Ché this year was such an awesome experience. She has so many awesome things going on - from yoga teaching and course, to a wedding guest book business, to graphic design and illustration too - and it was so exciting to see her launch her first yoga course this year. The quality of her lessons and the program blew me away the first time she showed me, and if you’re a yoga beginner or would love to dive deeper into your practice I definitely recommend checking Ché out and her awesome yoga guide

7. Marlena Pearl

If you’ve ever heard me talk about my “dream client bucket list” and how last year two people from it ended up, out of the blue, hiring me, you’ll be interested to know that Marlena was at the top of that list! We’d connected a few times before via social media, and I am so in love with her photography and vibe that I was so excited when she reached out about working together. Earlier this year she launched her incredible stock photography shop and free photo pack (I’m using a photo from her free stock photo back for the main image of this post!) and I 100% recommend checking out her work if you’re in the market for either stock photos or a fashion, travel, or brand photographer. 

8. Laura Gingerich

I love everything Laura is doing right now - her website, her podcast, her Instagram feed - and it was an absolute pleasure working with her late last year and early 2016 while she was working on her rebrand and launch of her podcast behind the scenes. Laura is all about encouraging creatives to live the adventurous life they crave while embracing the adventures of everyda. Head over and check out her podcast as she has interviews with some seriously awesome guests!

9. Rocio Graves

Rocio is a food and lifestyle photographer and also one of the most big-hearted people I’ve been lucky enough to meet in my journey so far as a coach. We’ve wrapped up our time working together now but I know we’ll be friends for many years to come, and it’s been so cool to see her create her free food guides this year for anyone interested in finding out more about a plant based diet but has no idea where to start! Her photography is just beautiful, but more than that I just love her approachable and friendly approach to a topic that can feel overwhelming and confusing at times. 

10. Kerrie Mitchell

Working with Kerrie was an absolute pleasure - not only is she super fun, down to earth, and crazy talented, but she’s also not afraid to try something new and experiment with her business which was so inspiring to see. Kerrie is a wedding photographer and earlier this year, alongside her friend and fellow wedding photographer Katie, launched the Get Wed Podcast, a show all about planning your wedding! Katie is recently married and Kerrie got engaged over Christmas 2015, so not only do they bring their experience as wedding photographers to the show, but also their experience as brides and brides-to-be too - while also inviting expert guests onto the show too. It’s an awesome listen for anyone planning their wedding right now!

To finish

I’m sure I’ll have another one of these posts coming up soon as there are just so many incredible things my clients are bringing to life right now and I feel so lucky to be able to support them along the way. More than anything though, I hope this post can encourage you to see that there are other creatives out there, just like you, working hard and bringing to life work that they’re crazy passionate about and that it encourages you to keep on going no matter what stage you’re at in your journey right now. 

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I’m rooting for you!

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