Your Wholehearted Year: A Mini Book From Me To You

Your Wholehearted Year: A Mini Book From Me To You

A brand new year is just around the corner and you may be starting to feel bombarded by all of the "new year, new you" talk that may be coming your way. 

But here's the thing: we don't have the enter next year as a new and improved version of ourselves if we don't want to.

We don't have to be constantly striving for bigger and better.

Who we are right here and now is already enough. 

I've found the most impactful thing I can do as I wrap up one year and prepare for a brand new one to come is to hold space for myself to get super clear on what I'm grateful for this year and what it is I'm really aching for in these next 12 months ahead.

Back at the beginning of 2016 I decided to embrace wholehearted as my word for the year and it completely changed how I show up for and experience my business and my life along the way. I shared a little more about what that meant for me in this blog post here

If you're starting to look ahead to 2018 and you'd like to enter the new year with a whole heart and a whole lot of intention, I have a question for you:

What do you want more of next year and what do you want less of?

More courage? More focus? More creativity? More connection? More joy?

Less stress? Less self-doubt? Less comparison? Less overwhelm? Less hustling for your self-worth?

Instead of putting pressure on yourself to set resolutions and goals for 2018 that may not truly serve you, my encouragement is to get to the heart of what you're really aching for and let that be your guidepost as you set goals, intentions, and areas of focus for the brand new year to come.

And to support you along the way I've put together a mini book, Your Wholehearted Year, to hopefully hold some space for you to reflect on this year and explore what it is you truly want to cultivate and make happen in your creative work and life in 2018. You can dive straight in and download it through the button below!

If You Struggle With Your Confidence, This Is For You...

If You Struggle With Your Confidence, This Is For You...

One of the things I see my clients and creative friends battle with the most is confidence.

Sometime’s it doesn’t matter how crazy talented you are, if there’s something deep within you that struggles to believe that you’re good enough, that you’re worthy of taking up space in the world with your craft and your ideas, it can be crippling along the way.

And many times the advice we’re given around how to deal with our lack of confidence can be really unhelpful. We can be told to just get over it, to pull ourselves together, that we should be over this already.

But I think that it can be so much more complicated than that.

I don’t believe we can always just get over our biggest fears, the darkest stories that we tell ourselves, and the self-limiting beliefs that have been haunting us for years.

I believe that we can be bigger than them, that we can overcome them, and that we can find the strength not to let them define us, but it can take time, a whole lot of self-compassion, and patience and grace with ourselves too.

So if you’re battling with your confidence in your creative work and life right now, here’s my encouragement to you:

How Can You Be The Bravest Version Of Yourself Today?

How Can You Be The Bravest Version Of Yourself Today?


It’s a topic I explore over and over again with my clients. How to cultivate it, how to be brave even when we’re crippled with fear, how to move forward in our creative work and lives even when we’re so so afraid that we will fail, that we will be judged, and that we’re not good enough.

I’m almost certain you will be able to relate to some of these conversations.

The freelancer who is ready to truly claim her expertise and build the business she’s aching for, even though her imposter syndrome and self-doubt can feel overwhelming and lead to resistance and inaction when she starts to take those big leaps forward with her business. 

The coach who is ready to increase her prices, honour her boundaries, and take up more space in the world with her work but is so afraid that her dream clients won’t be able to afford her, that she doesn’t have permission to set those boundaries, and that her work isn’t as meaningful as she hopes it can be. 

The blogger who is ready to break out of the feast and famine cycle of waiting for brands to decide to work with her, and instead build her own income streams that she has complete control of - even though she feels wildly out of her comfort zone and afraid that she’s not capable of being the business owner she wants to be. 

The writer who is oh so ready to live her truth out loud and tell her story, but is overwhelmed by the fear that nobody will want to read her work, that she’ll never be able to make a living doing what she truly loves, and that she’ll be judged for the more vulnerable parts of her story that she wants to share.

I always tell me clients that I would be lying to them if I said that there’s a quick and easy way to overcome our fears and take brave and bold steps forward in our creative work and life. But what I do know is this - courage is a muscle. We have the ability to cultivate it ourselves, to nurture it every step of the way, and to strengthen it with each step we take. And with every brave and bold step we take, it becomes easier to dig deep and find the courage we need to keep going. Just like any muscle, the more we use it, the more it grows. 

I encourage them to start by asking themselves each morning: 

How can I be the bravest version of myself today in my creative work and life?