10 Different Ways To Vary Your Blog Content

There are two types of blogs I really love; a super focused and niche specific blog where I go to for expert advice, and varied and creative online spaces with an awesome mix of content throughout the week. Though I do have specific categories I focus on with this space, I like to try and keep things varied throughout the week with different formats and types of posts. It can be a challenge at times to keep coming up with fresh and engaging content, and I've never met a fellow blogger before who hasn't at least once experienced the dreaded blogger slump. A question asked quite a few times in my recent Reader Q&A was how do I keep coming up with ideas for content, so for any fellow content creators I thought today I'd share ten ways I try to keep my content fresh and varied throughout the week:

Core Content: My core content is the foundation of this blog and are the posts that are really guided by this blogs purpose and voice. For me that's my in-depth advice content - for example my Finding Your Blogging Purpose & Building A Manifesto post - and it's usually very niche specific and aimed towards a specific type of reader. Whatever your niche or blogging topic, core content are probably the posts your blog is really known for and the ones that take the most time and energy to create. 

Tutorial/How To: I love reading tutorials and how to type posts, and I try and share them often on this blog when suited to the topic. They can share your knowledge and expertise, and really add value to the reader experience. Whatever it is you want to share, packaging it in a direct how to is an awesome format for really engaging your audience. 

Resource Round Up: Some of my favourites to put together, I love sharing resources from around the web. This space doesn't exist just for me, it's for you guys and I don't have all the answers so whenever I stumble across something awesome online I always want to share it with you. Whether you have specific resource focused content, or just share links when and where suitable within your blog posts, it can be a really great way to add extra value for your readers. 

Behind The Scenes: The biggest feedback from my Reader Q&A was that you guys would love to see some more personal and behind the scenes content so it's for sure something I want to start bringing back into this space. Showing snippets from day to day life, insights into your process, and any behind the scenes from projects you're working on can be really interesting and engaging for your readers - the awesome thing is that you can really be creative when deciding what format you want your BTS content to take. 

Motivational: Encouraging and motivational content are the posts I can find most fulfilling to put together. A big purpose behind this blog is to support and encourage fellow content creators and 20-somethings as we all try and find our way in this big old world, and sharing authentic and honest motivational words of wisdom can really keep things human and varied. 

Life Lessons: In a similar vein to motivational content, sharing lessons learned and the trials and tribulations of your own life can really help you to connect with your audience and share more personal insights along the way. Whether in the form of a personal essay or maybe a list, sharing your life and its highs and lows is one of the many joys of running your own online space.

Lists: Lists are awesome - they're perfect for short and snappy content and can be super effective in any and every niche. There's a reason the internet loves them - we're busy humans who sometimes just want to get as much as we can out of a post with as little reading as possible, and keeping things to the point and easy to digest is a great way to switch things up from long form content from time to time. 

Favourites/Reviews: Whether it's monthly/weekly favourites, reviews of products or services, or just a round-up of things you're enjoying lately; this type of content is a great way to connect with your readers. I rarely (if ever) share reviews anymore, but I do like to round-up favourite reads from around the web at least one a month. 

Start a conversation: This can apply to any and every style of online content, and it's personally something I try to do with the majority of posts I share. Sometimes you don't have all the answers; all you have is your own experiences and lessons you've learned so far. Starting a conversation, sharing some thoughts and ideas, and having a two-way conversation with your awesome readers is a great way to really make the most out of your space. Whatever your niche, I personally think one of the greatest things about this online community is that every day we get to share and stumble across awesome content that encourages us to think and open ourselves up to different ideas and ways of seeing the world. 

Share an opinion: Your blog is your space to really make your own, and one of the best ways to do that is incorporate the awesome way you see the world into the words you're putting out there. I used to be really uncomfortable when it came to sharing my opinions through this online space; I was so afraid of attracting any negativity or disagreements. What I've learned though is that it's really okay to not agree with each other all of the time, and when you take the leap into sharing your opinions and thoughts with your audience you're opening up the opportunity for your readers to get to know you better. 

What about you - do you like to keep your content varied throughout the week? Or do you prefer to keep things super specific and focused?

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