Eight More Awesome Blogs You Should Read

Whenever I stumble across an awesome blog that I fall in love with I'm always so, so, excited to share it with you guys as nothing makes me happier than this awesome online community we're all a part of. I've shared many favourites in the past here and here, and today I wanted to share eight awesome blogs I've stumbled across recently that I think you guys will really love:

Adventures in Cooking

I'm a fool for a good food blog and Eva's has to be one of my favourites. A photographer based in Portland, she shares the most beautiful food photography on her blog alongside some seriously awesome recipes. A must read for any foodies!

Posts you should read: Black & Blueberry Brown Butter Cake, Melted Hot Chocolate wit Sea Salt Whipped Cream, Oolong Donuts with a Milk Tea Glaze

Anastasia Amour

I'm lucky enough to call Anastasia a friend as she's one of our awesome Lifestyle writers over at ALO. Her blog is an awesome and positive online space for women everywhere and I really look forward to reading her posts. She talks about relevant and interesting topics, and best of all is always promoting a healthy and positive way of life which I love!

Posts you should read: Expectation vs. Reality: Letting Go Of Your Life Plan, Why We Need To Stop Trading Authenticity For Approval, A Letter Of Encouragement To The Creative World Changer

Elle & Company

Lauren is an awesome graphic designer and blogger who shares the perfect mix of lifestyle content, blogging advice, and snippets of her work and creative process. I love her aesthetic, her thoughts and views on blogging as an industry, and how varied her content is - an awesome, awesome, read.

Posts you should read: 4 Tips For Finding Your Blogging Niche, 4 Productive Insights on Competition and Comparison, 5 Tips For Successfully Juggling Multiple Projects


I really can't put into words how much I love Mariah's content. It's so full of depth and it's a fantastic resource for creative business owners and bloggers. I love her no-nonsense approach, how open she is with her knowledge and advice, and also how damn friendly she is as well!

Posts you should read: How To Brainstorm Business Ideas, How I Make Money Blogging, How To Survive The Feast And Famine In Your Business

Hello Neverland

Kenzie's blog is seriously awesome, I love how focused her content is and how openly she shares her knowledge and advice. With a mix of lifestyle, blogging, and creative content, I always look forward to reading her new posts when they pop up in my feed and I think you guys will really love her blog if you haven't stumbled across it already!

Posts you should read: What Does It Mean To Live Intentionally?Fear and Creativity, The Consumerism Trap

Kory Woodard

I've shared Kory's awesome blog before in some of my resource link round-ups, and if you're not already a reader I defy you not to fall a little in love with her space. A designer and blogger, she shares creative business advice, snippets of her life, and behind the scenes of her work and her blog has such a clear and focused voice that I love. She's also just released an e-Course - Brand Catalyst - that looks awesome for anyone looking to really discover their brand. 

Posts you should read: 5 Habits For Better Business, Streamlining My Process, What I Wish I Knew Before Finishing College 

Nubby Twiglet

Shauna is a blogger, creative director of her design studio Branch, and one third of the blogging powerhouse that is The Blogcademy. Her blog is an awesome online space, full of behind the scenes from her life, lessons learned and advice, and snippets of her work as well. Her content is awesome and varied and I really enjoy the creative business advice she shares.

Posts you should read: Successfully Selling Yourself Without Traditional Advertising, Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone, What's Your Personal Mission Statement? 

The Collative

As soon as I stumbled across Steph's blog I knew it would become a must read for me. A business journalist, editor, and blogger with years of freelancing experience; she shares advice and resources for freelancers and her blog is a must visit for any fellow working creatives. 

Posts you should read: 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Going Freelance, What To Blog About, 10 Reasons To Start A Blog

Hope you enjoy these!

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