How To Quit Being Your Own Worst Enemy


I truly believe the biggest thing standing in the way of our own happiness is ourselves. Back in September I shared a post asking What's Holding You Back? and shared a few ways I'm planning on getting out of my own way. Since then I've been digging deep and really trying to quit being my own worst enemy, and slowly but surely I'm getting there. For anyone else who feels like their biggest obstacle to overcome is actually themselves and their own self doubt, here are four ways I try and get out of my own way:

Stop comparing yourself So everyone says this, but they do for a reason. Comparision is the thief of joy, it twists our thought process and our perception of success and can eat away at us and our confidence and self belief. Your path is your own, it's going to have so many ups and downs and highs and lows but it's yours to embrace and enjoy. I'm learning to embrace mine, to trust in the process, and know that my success isn't defined in comparison to someone else's. Sophie actually shared an awesome post on why we should Stop Playing The Numbers Game which was a great reminder as to why we should stop competing as really, there is no race. 

Remove negativity Way back in August I shared a post on 8 Ways to Stay Positive and one of my biggest points was the importance of removing negativity. Since then I've really made a conscious effort to leave behind anything in my life that just drags me down. Whether it's people, habits, or my own negative thought process; choosing to embrace positivity and quit wasting my time indulging in the more negative sides of life has made the world of difference to my own wellbeing. Life is short, and even though misery loves company at times you don't have to drag yourself down when you choose not to. 

Silence that voice in your head That one that tells you that you're not good enough, and the one that tells you that you're a fraud and that you have nothing of value to offer the world. You have to believe in yourself; you can't spend your life creating work you're passionate about and then second guess yourself every step of the way when sharing it with others. This is a huge thing I'm learning at the moment - that it's not arrogant to embrace self believe. It's okay to not feel confident 100% of the time, but it's up to us to move past that and know that we owe it to ourselves to stand by our life, our choices, and our work every step of the way.

Stop wasting time One of the biggest ways that I'm my own worst enemy is by wasting time; by avoiding getting things done I don't have to open myself up to the fear that it might not be good enough. I've been working on something pretty big behind the scenes lately which I'll be sharing with you guys soon and the fear of putting myself out there in this next adventure can completely stifle my productivity and process. So my best advice to you is to quit wasting time. Start that project, make those plans, and believe in yourself every step of the way. Whether it's work related, or a life experience you've been putting off for a while - quit the excuses, feel the fear and don't look back, and make it happen for yourself. 

What about you, do you ever feel like your own worst enemy?

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