The Cream Always Rises To The Top...


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A question I'm often asked by many of my clients is whether or not I think their industry (or the online world in general) is too oversaturated now for them to have any chance of actually building the business, creative career, or platform that they're dreaming of.

Maybe they want to be a coach, or a designer, or start a podcast, or a blog, or write an awesome book but they're afraid that there's no more space for them. 

And my answer? Is the industry oversatured? Yes, of course it is.

But does that mean they can't build their own thriving business, creative career, and digital platform? Hell no. 

The internet has been this amazing, incredible tool for so many people from all different walks of life to share their ideas, build a business, and cultivate and grow their creative career along the way.

There are now an abundance of bloggers, podcasters, coaches, thought-leaders, influencers, writers, teachers, designers, and more online.

There's a whole lot of noise out there and some of it is incredible, and some of it also can feel a little just like noise at times too. 

But the cream will always rise to the top. 

If you're damn good at what you can, it cannot be denied. The noise cannot drown that out, however loud it may be.

So my advice and encouragement to anyone who feels overwhelmed by all of the noise and how oversaturated things may seem online?

Be the cream.

Be quietly, undeniably, damn good at what you do.

Be the best blogger, writer, coach, designer, podcaster, or maker that you can be. 

Commit to being awesome at what you do, to sharing your ideas and your stories and putting your very best work out there along the way. 

Like actor and comedian Steve Martin once said, be so good they can't ignore you.

And it's not going to happen overnight. It takes commitment to our craft and dedication to our work to become damn good at what we do. And it's a journey that never ends, there's no end point when it comes to mastering our craft, when it comes to becoming the very best that we can be at what we do. And the only way to get started is to be okay with being a beginner, with not expecting mastery (or the results that come from being damn good at what we do) straight away.

We could waste a lifetime worrying about what everyone else is doing, by being distracted by the shortcuts and quick wins that will not fulfil us or fuel our career for long. Or we could be the cream that rises to the top, that builds a long lasting, impactful, and fulfilling career that we can truly be proud of.

I know which path I choose. What about you?

As always, I'm rooting for you!


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