Make It Happen Podcast: The Other Side Of Success with Sara Tasker


I have one of my favourite creative humans on Make It Happen today...

Sara Tasker is the creative powerhouse behind Me & Orla. She's a writer, photographer, creative coach, and incredible podcast host too. We first connected almost three years ago now when she hired me as her creative coach, and since then we've become wonderful friends and I am always so inspired by the work she puts out into the world and the heart behind everything she does too.

In the past few years Sara has made some incredible things happen - a book deal, a sells-out-in-just-an-hour creative class, and a multiple six figure income just to name a few. But so much more than that, she's changed so many creatives lives through the advice and content she shares through her courses, podcast, blog and more. Sara is one of the most tenacious, encouraging, and wonderful humans I've had the pleasure of meeting and I was so excited to invite her back onto the show for this season. 

In this episode we talk about what it's taken for her to make these incredible things happen, the lessons she's learned along the way, we both share our experience of becoming the breadwinner in our marriages, and Sara shares how she creates awesome courses that really deliver and delight. 

If you'd like to listen along to our conversation you can below, and you can also find the show notes for this episode this way too.

And keep an eye out as super soon Sara and I will be launching a brand new podcast we're co-hosting together too which we're ridiculously excited about. 

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I really hope you enjoy this episode, and you can dive into all past episodes of the show this way too.

I'll be rooting for you always!

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