Seven Types Of Content That Help You Share Your Message, Your Stories, & Your Ideas With Your Dream Clients


There's a whole lot of content out there for your dream clients and customers to dive into.

Some of it will speak directly to them - to their goals, their dreams, their fears, their values, and to the things that matter most to them - and some of it will just skim the surface and only briefly catch their attention.

You, of course, want to be speaking directly to them.

To be sharing content that hits them deep in the gut, that makes them stop and pay attention and think - this is exactly who I've been looking for!

And the good news is, it's not all that hard to do this.

Because the content that's going to speak directly to your dream clients is already within you - it's rooted in your message, your stories, and your ideas. Your job is to get to the heart of those stories and ideas, and bring them to life in a way that is engaging for your dream clients and customers so it resonates and connects with them along the way.

Today I want to share with you seven types of content you can create that help you to share your message, your stories, and your ideas with your dream clients and customers - this list isn't exhaustive, there's an abundance of ways you can bring content to life online, but these are some of my favourites to both create and consume too.

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The How-To

This post is a how-to - I'm sharing with you some specific advice and ideas for something that I hope may be of service to you in your own journey. A how-to may look like a tutorial, a list of advice and ideas, a step-by-step process, and anything that takes you on a clear journey and teaches you something. 

How-to's are a great way to really show up and be of service to your dream clients and customers, they can show the depth of your knowledge and experience, introduce potential clients and customers to your perspective and approach, and build a whole lot of trust with potential clients and customers too. 

The Conversation

This type of content is usually found on a podcast, or in video format - maybe you're being interviewed, or are interviewing someone else, or hosting a Q&A. This type of content can be a really powerful tool in your content - it's a great way for a potential client or customer to really connect with you and your work, and build a more human relationship with you too.

When you're the one being interviewed it's a great way for you to really share your message, stories, and ideas, and if you're the one interviewing someone else it's a great way for you to create an engaging and interesting piece of content for your community.

The Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes content can come in many forms - maybe it's a more personal post sharing what's been going on for you in your work and your life, maybe it's snippets and moments that you share on social media, or maybe it's a behind the scenes of your process or how you bring a product or project to life.

This type of content is a great way to be a little more personal with your community and a little more transparent too - it's a great way to share a little more of yourself with potential clients and customers, and also give them a better insight into your business and what it's like to work with you too.

The Story & The Lesson

This one blends behind the scenes content with a how-to too. The story and the lesson is where you use an experience of your own - whether it's something from your own journey, or something you've experienced via a client or person in your life - as a jumping off point for a more universal lesson and takeaway for your readers.

The story & the lesson is a really great way to share your ideas, stories, and message in a way that feels really human and personal - it's a little less intense than the how-to, and helps your readers to connect with you as much as they connect with your expertise and ideas too.

The Soap Box

The soap box is a great way to really share your core messages and ideas - the things you're really passionate about, and that really shape the work you do and how you do it. Maybe you have a really strong opinion about something in your industry, or a message you're super passionate about that you want to share with your community.

The trick with the soap box is to find a balance between sharing something you're passionate about while not overwhelming your readers and community - the best kind of soap box content in my experience is engaging, thought-provoking, and encouraging.

The Show & Tell

This one is a great way to really help your community connect with the work you do in the work. So maybe you're a wedding photographer and you share recent weddings that you've shot, or you're a website designer and you share recent websites that you've brought to life, or you're a coach and you share some client stories, or you create courses or e-books and you share some of the behind the scenes or student case studies, or you're a maker or artist and you share some of your recent work and designs.

The show & tell can be a really fun and engaging way to help introduce your community to more of your work and what they could expect from working with you, share a little more about your process and approach, and it's a great way to celebrate your past and current clients and customers too.

The Live What You Give

Live what you give content tends to be a little more personal - it's you walking your walk and not just talking about it. So maybe you're a health coach and living what you give is when you share how you actually integrate your own beliefs, teachings, and values into your own approach to your life and health, or maybe you talk about slow loving and living what you give is when you share how you're navigating and honouring that intention in your own life too.

Living what you give content can exist really well in both evergreen content and social media updates too, and it's a really great way to build a stronger relationship with your community and potential clients and help encourage and inspire them through your actions as much as you do through your information too.

To finish...

Like I said, this list isn't exhaustive but I hope it can be a little jumping off point for you to explore some of the ways you can share your message, your stories, and your ideas through your content. And if you'd like to dive in even deeper, I have a mini book filled with over 100 writing prompts that you can find out more about and get sent straight to your inbox this way.

I'll be rooting for you always!

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