Because you don't need to do this on your own anymore...

I’ve helped my clients get booked out months in advance, cultivate a game changing community around their brand, create content that makes people pay attention, develop and market services, products, and resources that deliver and delight, and launch podcasts, magazines, courses, and entire brands from scratch. I've seen them overcome fears, obstacles, and mindsets that have been holding them back for years, and I've seen them give themselves permission to build a creative life and business on their own terms, in their own way, and by their own rules.

I want to help you do this too.


  • You're feeling unfulfilled in your creative work and life
  • You're feeling lost, scattered, and overwhelmed in this journey
  • You're struggling to move forward in your business, or you're struggling to even get started in the first place
  • You're ready to really discover your strengths, your gifts, and your voice and take ownership of them along the way
  • You work best in a supportive and encouraging environment 
  • You're fed up of holding yourself back and you're ready to move past fear and self-limiting beliefs
  • You need someone to keep you accountable and focused
  • You want clarity around your brand, your offerings, your content, and your website
  • You struggle with the technical side of things and would love someone to walk it through with you step-by-step
  • You're ready to make a big change and you don't want to do this alone
  • You're feeling disconnected from your creativity and your best ideas and you're aching to find inspiration again
  • You want purposeful strategy to move you and your work forward instead of one-size-fits-all formulas and quick fixes
  • You want to carve out space to focus on you, your business, your creativity, and your life
  • You're ready to spend six months together helping you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you really want to be

Jen has helped me to realise I’m capable of so much more than I thought I was
Before working with Jen I'd really hot rock bottom with my business, although it was going well and I was consistently booking clients, I had an overwhelming feeling of 'is this it... forever?' I'd fallen out of love with it all. I needed to get myself out of that funk, find new ways to feel motivated about my business and to be more creative again.
Jen has helped me to realise I'm capable of so much more than I thought I was. I'm a lot more positive and excited about the year ahead I have with my business now, and know there is so much I can push to achieve outside of the basic services I've always offered. It's like I just needed someone to help me open my eyes and think outside of the box. If you’re thinking about working with Jen? Do it!
At the time I booked Jen I did worry that it was a lot of money, for essentially someone to hold me accountable to do the work. But she is so much more than that and worth every penny. Yes she is there to hold me accountable and I do have to still do the work myself, but my chats with her are always fun, almost like therapy and she always helps me to see things clearly and reach my goals and targets. Without her I know I would have put off so much and never made the ideas a reality - she has become my source of affirmation. Sometimes I think I have a good idea but I'm not sure to act on it, but when Jen also agrees and is excited too I know it's the right thing to do. I think everyone needs someone like that cheering them on along the way

Kerrie Mitchell of Kerrie Mitchell Photography

Wedding Photographer

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  • Find clarity, focus, & direction with your creative work
  • Develop your signature services or products
  • Launch or relaunch your brand and online presence
  • Help you to finally cut all of the noise so you can listen to the most important voice: your own
  • Develop a meaningful, impactful, & effective content plan
  • Tackle the fears & mindsets that have been holding you back along the way
  • Add more joy to your routine, your schedule, and your creative process
  • Walk you through a transition period in your creative work and life
  • Have access to feedback, accountability, and support every step of the way
  • Finally launch the podcast, e-book, blog, or course that you can’t stop thinking about
  • Help you take control of your online presence so you can monetise it in the best way for you
  • Help you move past burn out and overwhelm and create systems and routines that will keep you happy and healthy in your business
  • Develop the tools, confidence, strategy, and intuition you need to move forward with your creative work in a way that feels good to you

I’ve grown so much over these last few months thanks to Jen. I started out like this timid, little mouse with major money mindset struggles and no idea of what to do next to officially starting my design business, gaining clarity and confidence with my brand, and landing my first major project and paying client.
Jen goes to infinity and beyond to help you out with whatever you need, and every call or email from her totally lights you up from all the encouragement, knowledge, action steps, and resources she gives. With her help and support, I'm reaching new levels in my business that I never even could've imagined.
A big thing Jen always talks about on her blog is to be a game changer. Lemme tell you, working with Jen IS game changing.
Jen. is. UH-mazing. I had never worked with a coach before and was crazy nervous about our first call, but as soon we started talking, it felt like I'd known her for ages. She's super friendly (seriously, you won't meet a sweeter person!) and just has this relaxing calmness about her that makes you feel so at ease and comfortable.
I've grown so much over these last few months thanks to Jen. I started out like this timid, little mouse with major money mindset struggles and no idea of what to do next to officially starting my design business, gaining clarity and confidence with my brand, and landing my first major project and paying client. Not only did she provide incredible insights and advice, but she straight up karate chopped the mental blocks that were preventing me from moving forward. Jen knows exactly what questions to ask to get those gears in your head turning at full steam. For the first time ever, I was actually EXCITED about getting homework. Say whaaa??

Allison Barclay of Painted Summers

Brand Strategist & Designer

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  • 12 x 90-minute coaching sessions (held every 2 weeks)
  • A password protected client page where you'll have access to notes and a recording of each session
  • Tasks, resources, and homework to keep you moving forward in-between sessions
  • Unlimited email support between sessions

Your investment: £1250

(or two payments of £650)

Now booking for February & March 2017

Within two days of my launch I’d booked up for the next two months. Without Jen’s insight and encouragement, I’d never have taken this leap

Sara Tasker of Me & Orla

Writer, Photographer, & Instagram Coach

With Jen's support and encouragement, I did the unthinkable and launched a whole new facet to my online work. She talked me through all the steps from mailing list, marketing and launch to the practicalities of scheduling and backend support. She was there for all my moments of panic, confusion and celebration.

Within two days of my launch I'd booked up for the next two months. Without Jen's insight and encouragement, I'd never have taken this leap. She's truly in the business of making dreams come true, and I don't know what I'd do without her.


As your coach, I promise you this: I will show up for you and be there every step of the way.

I’ll listen to you, and I’ll make space for what matters to you most in this season. We’ll have deep and meaningful conversations, and fun and light-hearted ones too. I’ll push you when you need it, and take it a little slower when you need that too. More than anything, I’ll remind you of what you’re capable of even when you cannot see it yourself.

All I ask is that you give this process 100% too. Over six months together we can make incredible things happen in your creative work and life - all you have to do is choose more

Have any questions about working together? 

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