Quit Talking About It & Start Doing It

Quit talking about it & start doing it - this is something I’ve had to say to myself over and over again in recent months to move past the funk and fear that can hold me back from actually doing the things that I feel inspired to do. Sometimes I think we can feel some sort of accomplishment from just having the idea or saying we’re going to do something, yet I’m finding that it’s just ego getting in the way of actually doing meaningful and exciting work. 

Can you relate? Do you ever have that spark of inspiration for a new project, product, or adventure, yet you find yourself doing way more talking and not enough doing? We usually let this happen due to excuses - there’s not enough time, there’s not enough money, other things are more important, it won’t be good enough, etc. We can see the possibility of something awesome, yet also the reality of the possibility of failure, and we can run away and avoid doing the work as much as possible. Or, we can just struggle to find the motivation and the free time to actually dig deep and get things done. 

Ultimately it can just hold us back from really unlocking our potential and being inspired by the work we do each and every day. There’s nothing worse than that guilty feeling every day of not doing the work you want to be doing. This blog, my business, the podcast, and my soon to be launched digital product that email subscribers found out about yesterday would never have happened if I hadn’t told myself over and over - quit talking about it & start doing it. Sometimes it’s just a case of sheer will and determination - if the work is important to you, you will get it done. You just have to let yourself start.

Here’s my challenge for you this week: get started. Whatever resistance is holding you back, fight past it and get things done. Quit hiding behind the idea and start standing on the weight of the work instead. Talking about your idea may feed your ego, but doing the work will feed your soul, your bank balance, and your creativity so much more. 

What are you going to get started on this week? 

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