Moving Your Blog To Squarespace Made Easy

I'm a HUGE Squarespace fan. Whenever a friend, client, or fellow blogger asks for my opinion on Content Management Systems my first and only answer has to be Squarespace. I've built both my own sites on Squarespace (both Jennypurr and ALO + its upcoming rebrand) and various friends (including the awesome Grace who I recently helped rebrand her beauty website, That Grace Girl) and some coaching clients sites too. After helping Grace move her site to Squarespace and currently working with some of my clients to do the same, I realised that I can definitely break this whole process down into an easy six step resource to help you DIY the entire process.

And that's exactly what I have for you today: a six step resource to make moving your blog to Squarespace super, super, easy. For those of you who may feel a little intimidated by technology, coding, and web design, Squarespace is an awesome option for building a well designed site without the headache of learning Wordpress or the financial commitment of hiring a designer. Throughout the guide I take you through six steps:

  1. Reasons to Choose Squarespace
  2. What Do You Want From Your Website?
  3. Choosing a Template
  4. Building Your Website
  5. Importing Your Content
  6. Using Squarespace 101

So if you're looking to move your blog to Squarespace (minus the headache) this is the resource for you! Head over to the Moving Your Blog To Squarespace Made Easy guide here to get started.

Hope you enjoy this guide! 

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