The B2C Creative Entrepreneurs Guide To Attracting (And Booking) Dream Clients

Do you remember last month when I shared this post - You Don't Have To Create For Other Business Owners To Build A Successful Online Business - and I promised that I would have some B2C specific content coming soon? Well today I have a 6-part guide for any service based B2C creatives who want to utilise their online presence as a tool for attracting (and booking!) dream clients so you can fill up your schedule with work that you're crazy excited to do. 

Here's the thing about being a service based creative entrepreneur - we do our best work when we work with the clients who we serve best. We also enjoy our work so much more when we're working with the specific type of clients that our creative expertise and inner genius is best suited for. That's exactly why I've put together this 6-part resource, as I've seen the power our online presence has to be a tool for attracting the right clients for us (and repelling the not so dreamy ones too) and a big part of the work that I'm passionate about doing right now is encouraging B2C creatives to share their game-changing expertise with the world so that they can then spend their days serving those who they can serve best. 

What You Will Explore...

  • How sharing your story is how you can differentiate yourself in your industry
  • How to share your message so that you can attract the right people for you
  • The ways you can tap into your creative expertise and share it through your content
  • How to show potential clients the value that they would get from investing in you and your services
  • Why going a little off-topic sometimes can actually be where the magic happens

This Is For You If...

You're a purpose driven B2C creative entrepreneur.


  • Health, Wellbeing, & Fitness Coaches
  • Life, Relationship, & Spiritual Coaches
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Interior Designers
  • Event planners
  • Stylists
  • Nutritionists

Ready to create an online presence that attracts (and books) dream clients?

You can click through below to dig into The B2C Creative Entrepreneurs Guide To Attracting (And Booking) Dream Clients


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