Make It Happen Episode Thirteen: With Jamie Starcevich of Spruce Rd

I am super excited to be sharing this week's episode of Make It Happen with you today. I invited Jamie Starcevich of Spruce Rd to come onto to the show so we could just have a super honest and human chat about what we're learning during our first year of running our own creative businesses. Jamie and I both launched our businesses in January 2015 and in this episode we share the highs and lows and lessons learned along the way so far and we really dig into a bunch of awesome topics in this episode together. 

This is an awesome episode for anyone who is also in their first year of freelancing and just finding their feet, or for anyone who is thinking about taking the leap and would like an insight into two freelancers journeys so far. I really loved having Jamie on the show and I can't wait for you to dig into today's episode as we had tons of fun recording it. 

Episode Thirteen: Behind The Scenes Of The First Year Of Running Your Own Business with Jamie Starcevich of Spruce Rd

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