Slow Blogging for Creatives

Something I've been thinking about a lot recently is the concept of slow blogging. What is slow blogging, I hear you ask? It's when you commit to focusing on quality over quantity in your blogging process and I find it a really inspiring approach to creating online content. So many of us can feel this urgency to keep up, stay relevant, and always be on top of our game, yet I think for many of us a slower approach to blogging can be a great way to really let our ideas, our creativity, and our work shine through. Some great posts to read on the topic are Decor 8's piece on the Slow Blogging Movement and Todd Sieling's Slow Blog Manifesto. Slow blogging may be for you if:

You want to create with purpose: If your intentions behind your blog are to create with purpose, drive, and direction, taking a quality over quantity approach may give you the space you need to really create. If you're finding yourself sharing watered down content and pieces that haven't been given enough time and attention to really grow and evolve into what you intended for them to be, slow blogging could be a more positive and practical approach for you. 

You’re feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to keep up online: If the pressure to keep up and compete with others is leaving you feeling burned out and uninspired, taking a step back and creating more purposefully may be exactly what you need to find your creative energy again. If you're being driven more by the pace of others rather than the pace that would be best for you, slow blogging might be something worth exploring. 

Your really want to have impact and reach with your online space: Imagine if instead of working on seven posts each week you could share one or two super valuable, exciting, and creative pieces of content instead? Many people online can keep up a high standard of content for daily posting, but for some of us it could be a better approach to give ourselves the space to create bigger and bolder pieces instead of spreading it out throughout the week. 

Your blog isn’t your only creative endeavour and passion: For many of us our blogs aren't our only (or main) creative endeavour and passion. So many creatives I know use their blogs as an outlet to share their work, connect with their ideal readers and clients, and use it as a place of complete creative freedom to escape to in-between their other work and creative pursuits. If you're pouring hours upon hours into your blog in the hopes of keeping up but struggling to really feel like you're creating the content that you feel inspired to create, giving yourself permission to slow down can really help you to create with intention and purpose once again. 

Slow blogging isn't for everyone, but it's come up so much recently in conversation with creative friends and the creative coaching clients I work with that I really wanted to open up a discussion with you about it today and share some jumping off points for anyone else inspired by a slower blogging approach. I've personally taken a step back recently from creating so much content each week so I can really focus on creating high quality pieces of content and resources and I'm trusting in the belief that it's exactly how I can service my audience best. I spoke about this more in my recent Redefining What A Blog Means To You post. If you're interested in exploring slow blogging, below I'm going to share some ways you can embrace this approach in your own process in a way that works for you and your blog. 

Start with intention: I talk a lot about creating from a place of intention and it's something I'm so passionate about and guided by in my own work and creative pursuits. If you're thinking about embracing slow blogging, my best advice is to start with intention. Ask yourself:

  • What are my creative values? (I shared some of my own here)
  • Is my current blogging process and focus aligned with them?
  • What are the intentions behind my blog? Who am I creating for? 
  • What are my long term goals for my blog? Why do they mean so much to me?

Understand why you blog and what you want your blog to be: It's sometimes so easy to get caught up in what others are doing and what we think our blog should be that we can lose sight of our own purpose and intentions. Really dig deep and ask yourself why you blog and what you want your blog to be. A place of creative freedom? A place to share your work and your creative business? A space to be challenged and grow? An income stream? A way to attract new clients and customers? A place to share your ideas and connect with others? Be really honest with yourself and your reasons behind blogging. Figure out if your true goals and intentions need you to be keeping up with 5+ pieces of content a week, or whether a more intentional and high quality slow blogging approach could be both more fulfilling and effective. 

Quit making noise: I personally really struggled with the idea of ever cutting down on how many times I posted content each week. I believed to stay relevant, connected, and useful for my audience it was necessary to be active and present with new content and ideas as often as possible throughout the week. I started to realise though that sooner or later, without listening to my gut and aligning my process with my values, I would start just adding to my own noise. There can be so much value in starting a conversation when you really have something interesting and/or useful/insightful to say, instead of just forcing yourself to keep up with daily content in the hopes of staying relevant and present. This isn't to say there isn't value in daily content, I read so many daily blogs throughout the week that I love. But there are also so many blogs that take a slower approach to blogging that I love too as I always feel like there is so much depth and insight in each and every single post they share. You should never waste your readers time, so ask yourself - am I creating something I'm proud of, or am I just adding to my own noise?

Be honest about the time you have available to blog: We're not blessed with unlimited hours throughout the day, we all have a cut off point and it's so important to be intentional with our time and prioritise what matters. So many of us put pressure on ourselves to work on our blogs 24/7, whereas in reality we have so many other things that also need our full attention throughout the week. Unless you're a full time blogger (in the classic term that you monetise your site via sponsored content, affiliate links, advertising, etc) you probably have a whole other day job, side hustle, or creative business that is a huge part of your life. You don't work for your blog - your blog works for you and your goals, and the most important thing we can do is let it. Be really honest about the time you have available to blog and create a process that helps you to use that time in the most productive way possible. If you only have a few hours each day or week to give to your online space, create one or two really high quality pieces of content you can be truly proud of that will work towards your long term goals as much as (if not more than) 5-7 watered down and scattered posts would. 

It can still be strategic: Slow blogging isn't an excuse to be lazy or less strategic with our blogs, actually it can be one of the most strategic steps you take when really leaping into your long term goals and intentions. If for example you're a creative business owner running your blog alongside your business and you're attracted to the idea of slow blogging, this then means that you can focus your time and energy into creating high quality pieces of content that can market your business, connect with your ideal customers/clients, and really share your creativity and work with the world. By saying less we can actually then say way more with the content we do share, and especially for creatives it's a great way to really nurture and challenge our creativity along the way. 

Create with purpose: My biggest piece of advice for all bloggers hoping to utilise their online presence - create with purpose. If you choose a slower blogging approach, know that it's a brave and bold way to create and share yourself with the world. But so is posting most days of the week and challenging yourself to maintain a high standard with such a high quantity of content - all that matters is that you choose the best approach for you and your goals. Embracing slow blogging means that we can allow our purpose and intentions to shine through without being lost in the noise, and really hone in on exactly what we want our online spaces to be. I also think it's important to remember that it's up to you to define what slow blogging means to you. There's no one size fits all with this approach and if it's a concept your interested in exploring, my best advice would be to find a way to make it work for you, your blog, and your long term goals. 

I would love to know - have you ever explored a slow blogging approach? Is this something you would ever consider for your blogging process?

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