You have something awesome to say.

Stories, ideas, and a message that will resonate and connect with the people you're here to serve with your business.

Imagine if you could attract the dreamiest of dream clients through your blog, newsletters, podcast episodes, Instagram captions, and more?

Because you can.

I've been consistently booked out with crazy-awesome clients for the past four years all thanks to my digital content.

By sharing my own stories, ideas, and message through my blog, podcast, Weekly Letters, and mini books I've been able to build meaningful and authentic relationships with potential dream clients every step of the way.

And I've supported so many of my clients to do this too.

By diving deep into their message, stories, and ideas, and getting to the heart of who it is their dream clients really are and how they're here to serve them, I've helped them to find the clarity, confidence, and structure they need to bring to life incredible content along the way.

And that's exactly what Writing For Dream Clients is here to help you do too.

The next class will be in Autumn 2019

Jen is a really great person to have in your corner. She understands the complicated, and sometimes emotionally wrought, intersection of business and creativity, and will help you to work through the stuff that is holding you back. She doesn’t tell you what to do, so much as guide you towards the answers you already have, which is so much more valuable. She is, in my opinion, the perfect creative coach!

Fiona Barrows of Fiona Barrows

Brand Storyteller

Writing For Dream Clients is a six week creative class and community that's here to help you develop a content plan and a writing process that will support you to bring to life blog posts, newsletters, podcast episodes, Instagram captions and more that resonate, connect, and sell.

This is for you if...

You're ready to think bigger with your content plan as a big-hearted business owner

You don't just want to publish blog posts, write newsletters and Instagram captions, or create podcast episodes for the sake of it. You want to bring to life content that actually says something, that actually represents who you are and the awesome work you're here to do in the world, and that resonates and connects with your dream clients along the way. 

You're ready to connect with your dream clients and customers in a human, authentic, and meaningful way

You don't want to feel like a used car salesman in your business. You want to attract clients and customers in a way that feels good, and in a way that makes them feel good too. You're oh so ready to have a consistent stream of client enquiries and customers in your inbox who are excited about who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

You're ready to bring to life engaging, meaningful, and sharable content

Content that makes your dream clients stop and pay attention and think to themselves, this is exactly who I've been looking for! You're ready for your content to resonate and connect with your community, and for it to stand out from all of the noise online.

You're ready to really uncover and discover your voice

You're ready to feel clarified and connected to what it is you really want to say, and to what stories and ideas you really want to share with your community. You're ready to really bring yourself and your voice to your content, so everything you create and share feels like a true reflection of you and your work.

You're ready to feel more confident and in flow with your writing and content creation process

You're ready to move past all of the fear and overwhelm that has been holding you back so far and finally feel confident with the content you're bringing to life along the way. You're ready to actually feel excited to sit down and write blog posts, newsletters, Instagram captions, podcast episodes and more, and you're ready to have the confidence to hit publish and share those awesome stories and ideas with your community.

You're ready to develop an awesome content plan that works for you and your business

By the end of our six weeks together you'll have an abundance of content ideas, a focused and intentional plan for how and where to share those ideas, and the confidence and clarity you need to truly start writing for your dream clients every step of the way.

Work with Jen if you want help on content creation - she’s a master communicator. She helps you to understand what’s going on when you can’t see it. She offers new and fresh perspectives. She’s incredibly insightful around communicating in effective ways to our tribes. She won’t hound you, she won’t make you feel guilty. She is supportive, encouraging, and is always looking to pave the way with you.

Paige Schmidt of Paige Schmidt

Holistic Health Coach

Here's how it works...

Every week you'll receive a brand new module with exercises and tasks for you to work through. You'll have access to both a PDF and an accompanying audio download too.

Week One: The Who & The What

In week one we're going to dive deep into who your dream clients and customers actually are, and what the purpose of your content is and how it's here to support your business along the way.

Week Two: Discovering & Uncovering

In week two we're going to spend time really discovering and uncovering your voice, and diving deep into what the core message, stories, and ideas you want to share through your content are too.

Week Three: Your Content Eco-System

In week three I'm going to walk you through my process for developing an intentional, purposeful, and engaging content eco-system, and we're going to explore case studies of other big-hearted creatives who are bringing to life incredible content right now too.

We'll also be exploring how you can consistently generate content ideas that will resonate and connect with your dream clients, and how you can best decide where those ideas belong in your eco-system too.

(There will also be a catch-up week between Week 3 and 4 to give you a little extra time to work through the class and all of the materials before we dive into the writing assignments!)

Week Four, Five, & Six: Writing Assignments

This class isn't just here to help you find focus, clarity, and direction with your content plan, it's also here to help you actually feel confident and ready to write for your dream clients too. So for the second half of this class I'll be sending you weekly writing assignments to help you explore and bring to life three awesome pieces of content that will help you to speak directly to your dream clients along the way.

There will be one writing assignment each week, and you'll be able to share it in the Facebook community for feedback, support, and encouragement too. And because I know how scary and overwhelming it can be to really start to dive deep and bring your content to life, you'll also have access to a 5-part audio coaching series from me to help you move past those fears and so you can truly start to believe in yourself and your ideas moving forward.

The community

You'll also have access to a private Facebook group for feedback, support, and encouragement every step of the way. I'll be in there every week to cheer you on, answer any questions, and give you feedback on your homework and writing assignments too.

Your investment: £150

Are you ready to start writing for your dream clients?

The next class will be in Autumn 2019

If I hadn’t worked with Jen there’d be no way that I would have had the successes I’ve had this year. She’s helped me not only with dreaming up what my business actual is, but also with practical things that have helped me to get clients. Jen helped to keep me focused, and her steadfast belief in me got me through and out the other side.


Kayte Ferris of Simple & Season

Marketing Coach & Blogger


How does this class work exactly? How will you be teaching it?

As a coach, I believe I can serve you best by holding space, asking the right questions, and supporting you to discover and explore your own answers along the way. Through each module I'll be sharing with you ideas, exercises, resources, and tools to help you dive deep and uncover your own answers and clarity moving forward. This will be in the form of a PDF, and there will also be an accompanying audio download if you learn better that way too.

What type of business owner is this class for?

Writing For Dream Clients is for coaches, mentors, designers, copywriters, editors, stylists, photographers, and anyone who wants to use their digital content to help them to attract dream clients and customers for their services and offerings along the way.

How much time will I need to dedicate to it each week?

With everything in life, the more you put into this class the more you will get out of it. That being said, I've kept each module as fluff free, to-the-point, and as easy to follow as possible - while still packing in the most important things that I hope and believe can be of service to your along the way.

I would estimate that you will get the most out of this class by putting aside at least 1-2 hours to work on it each week, and by making the most out of the community for support, feedback, and encouragement too.

How much access will I have to you in the Facebook community?

I'll be in there every week to offer feedback, support, and encouragement. I'll endeavour to answer all individual questions in the community that are asked over the six weeks and I can't wait to connect with you there and cheer you on every step of the way!

Can I access the content after the class has finished?

You sure can, and to make it easy for you once the class has finished I'll resend all of the content to you in one big PDF so you can revisit the materials whenever you want.

The next class will be in Autumn 2019