10 Of My Favourite Podcast Episodes For Big-Hearted Creatives

I love podcasts. Not only because I create and host my own, but also because there are so many episodes and shows out there that I’ve listened to that have inspired, encouraged, comforted, and motivated me in my creative journey along the way.

Over the past few months there have been some episodes from my favourite shows that I’ve listened to over and over again, and I want to share my favourite ten with you today in the hopes they can inspire and encourage you too.

1. Setting Expectations, Handling Negativity, and Building Your Right-Fit Business with Shenee Howard on Real Talk Radio

I’ve been a big fan of Shenee’s blog for a while now so I was super excited to see her on the latest season of Real Talk Radio. In this episode, her and Nicole talk about the ups and downs of business, her brand chemistry quiz, handling negative feedback, selling in a non-sleazy way, daily routines, and non-business related topics such as running and self-care. This is an awesome episode for big-hearted creatives who want practical advice for how to build a business that aligns with their strengths. 

2. Building A Bold Business and Not Taking Crap From Anyone with Ash Ambirge on Real Talk Radio

I remember the first time I stumbled upon The Middle Finger Project and it was love straight away. Ash talks about business in a way that truly cuts the crap but with a whole lot of heart mixed in too. In this episode, Ash and Nicole talk about Ash’s business journey so far, self-care, and taking risks and being bold and ballsy. I listened to this on a train ride and spent the entire time jotting down notes and ideas - I highly recommend a listen!

3. Alexandra Franzen on Devotion on Raise Your Hand Say Yes

Alexandra Franzen is probably my favourite person on the internet - I’ve devoured her blog so many times now and there are so many articles I go back to time and time again. Listening to her on this episode of Raise Your Hand Say Yes was an awesome way to spend my lunch break one day - Alexandra and Tiffany talk about saying no, stepping back from social media, and their motivations for making decisions. 

4. Sarah Von Bargen on Choices on Raise Your Hand Say Yes

Sarah Von Bargen is another person on the internet I really love - both her blogs are one’s I read every time she posts. In this episode of Raise Your Hand Say Yes she talks about the choices behind giving yourself space to say yes, the mistakes she see’s many people making online, and how to ask the hard questions. I love, love, love this episode and how honest and open Sarah’s and Tiffany’s conversation is. 

5. Laura Simms on Career on Raise Your Hand Say Yes

I love Laura’s approach when it comes to career and what she calls the “purpose paradigm”. In this episode of Raise Your Hand Say Yes she talks about why so many people are unhappy in their careers and what they can do about it. Although I absolutely adore my job, it was so great to hear Laura’s take on this subject and she has some great ideas for creative business owners on how to blend your passion with work that actually helps you pay the bills. 

6. The Myth Of Passive Income on Raise Your Hand Say Yes

In this solo episode of Raise Your Hand Say Yes, Tiffany talks about passive income and starts a conversation around the subject that really speaks true to my thoughts too. I love how she suggests that “instead of worrying about passive income, think about how you can create active income”. This is a great listen for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the idea of passive income or distracted by it in their business journey. 

7. Self-Worth & Work, Dealing With Family Judgements, & Ambition on The Lively Show

I love Jess Lively’s thoughts on self-worth and work and I loved this Q&A episode where she explored the topic in more depth. If you’re struggling with attaching too much of your self-worth to your work, and if you’re trying to balance your ambition with being present in your life, this is a must-listen episode for you. 

8. Fulfilling Your Soul In A Different, Creative Way & Imposter Syndrome with Jasmine Star

I loved this episode of TLS with Jasmine Star - it was such an honest and inspiring conversation from someone who is super successful in her field but still pushing herself to try new things along the way. I especially loved hearing her experience of imposter syndrome, and her thoughts on listening to your intuition as a creative. 

9. Finding Balance In Business & Life with Meg Keene on Being Boss

I’ve listened to this episode of Being Boss with Meg Keene of A Practical Wedding three times now, and I know I’ll go back to it time and time again too. I can’t even pinpoint exactly why this one resonated with me so much, but I really loved hearing Meg’s thoughts on business, finding balance, dealing with negativity, and having hard conversations. 

10. Seasons Of Creating with Nicole Antoinette on Being Boss

It's probably pretty obvious by the fact I included two of her podcast episodes above that I'm a big fan of the work Nicole Antoinette is doing in the world. There's something about her message and ideas that truly resonates with my own view of the world and my creativity and work too. This episode on Being Boss is a must listen if you want to explore the idea of seasons of creating and how to navigate boundaries in what you share online too. 

Hope you enjoy these episodes!

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