Make It Happen Episode Sixteen: With Jess May of The Fire Stokers

This episode of Make It Happen was definitely one of my favourites to record so far.

I invited Jess May onto the show to talk all things relationships and business, and she's hilarious and crazy insightful and smart when it comes to nurturing a game changing relationship alongside a game changing business. Jess is a relationship coach and she works specifically with creative entrepreneurs and business owners to help them balance it all without sacrificing any of it.

I like to think that I have two great loves in my life; my better half Alex, and my creative coaching business. Balancing the two can be super tough sometimes; nurturing a relationship when you're both busy building your dreams (both your shared dreams and your solo dreams too) is a huge balancing act, and I really loved having this opportunity to chat with someone who completely gets what I'm doing right now. We talk about the benefits focusing on your relationship has on your business, how to get your partner on board with your business goals, and how to balance it all along the way. I love this episode and I think you will too. It's a little different than what we've done on the show before, but it was great to talk about the non-business side of running a business for once.

Episode Sixteen: Let's Talk Relationships & Business with Jess May

You can catch the show notes here and I hope you enjoy this episode!