Getting Specific With Your Blog: Why Do You Blog?

To kick start the new year I’m introducing a brand new feature on Jennypurr; a four week series every month focusing on a blogging or business topic to help you and I really build online spaces that we love. For the next four Monday’s in January we’re going to be focusing on Getting Specific With Your Blog, as this is the year I really want to narrow in, get specific, and focus on creating content for likeminded passionate bloggers and creatives. Over the next four weeks we’ll be focusing on pin-pointing what it is we really want to be creating, so we can then build an implementable roadmap to help us really achieve our goals and reach our ideal audience. 

If getting specific with your blog and really creating a bold and brave online space is a challenge you want to take on this month, I’m super excited to have you on board. And if you’re really committed to making 2015 your best blogging year yet, there will be extra resources (and a free mini eBook) for mailing list subscribers throughout the month if you want to sign up here

For the first instalment in the series, today we’re going to be focusing on the question - why do you blog? Knowing our purpose, our intentions, and what it is that motivates us to put the hours in to really create an online space to remember is the first step to really getting specific with our blog. It sounds like such an open question though, so today I’m breaking it down into four mini questions to really help you explore why you blog, and what it is you really want in the long run.

Why Did You Start Blogging?

Depending on how long it's been since you first launched your blog, your goals and intentions most likely have changed and developed since then. It's always good though to take a little walk down memory lane and think about why you first started your blogging adventure. Was it for a creative outlet? To connect with likeminded people? For personal growth? Or maybe as an extension of your business/career goals? Whatever it was that pushed you to draft that first blog post, write it down and remember why you started. Dreams and goals can change and evolve and grow along the way, but knowing why you started and seeing how that's developed along the way is a great way to really start to discover the purpose behind your blog. 

What Excites You Now About Blogging?

So now that you know why you started you can start to explore what it is that excites and motivates you now to pour hours and hours every week into running your online space. What is it that excites you now about blogging? The connections you've made? The creative fulfilment? The challenges and personal growth? The monetising opportunities? Really explore what it is that drives you and pushes you forward - this way you can really hone in and get specific with your intentions and long term goals and plans. 

Where Do You Find The Most Fulfilment When It Comes To Running Your Own Online Space?

What part of blogging really feeds you as person? Is it the opportunity to push yourself creatively and grow with your skill set? Or the awesome community you're building and connections you're making? Or how about if your blog is a business, do you thrive on the monetising opportunities and career progression? Whatever it is that really fulfils you, jot that down and let that guide you along the way. There's no point chasing other people's dreams, the most important thing is that you know what it is you want to work towards and what path will be the most fulfilling (and exciting) for you. 

What Is The Story That You Want To Tell? What Is It You Want To Say?

At its heart, a blog is its content and the story you share with the world. Knowing what it is you want to say and the impact you want to have with the words you put out there will help to keep you focused along the way. You have an awesome story to tell the world; whatever your niche, the words you put out there have the opportunity to have impact and reach and you should never be afraid to really share with the world what it is you want to say. Whether it's personal anecdotes, advice, reviews, or something in between, really pin-pointing what it is you want to create and the topics you want to focus on is one of the most important steps to really getting specific with your blog. 

To help, I've put together a worksheet for you so you can get your thoughts on paper and really start to get specific on the purpose and motivation behind your blogging adventure. 

And for me? I thought about this long and hard and I think I can pin point my answers into three different parts. I blog for the creative freedom, the connections I make and the community I build along the way, and because I hopefully want to encourage, motivate, and support other bloggers and creatives with the content I share. 

I hope you've enjoyed the first instalment of this monthly series, next week we'll be talking about getting specific with your audience and who you're creating for! 

I'd love to know - why do you blog?

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