If You Work From Home, You Should Read...


I love working from home, I really do. The freedom to be in charge of my own schedule and routine is the greatest thing and I love that I get to pour myself into a job I love every day. Sometimes it can feel crazy lonely though and one of my favourite things to do is read the awesome words of wisdom and lessons learned that fellow work-from-homers, much more seasoned than me, are sharing online. Other creatives sharing insights into their routine and process is awesome, and I thought I'd share today some of my favourite pieces I've read for anyone else doing the whole work from home thing...

Corina's Monday to Sunday

Rebecca's Establishing A Healthy Work Routine and Getting The Most Out Of Your Work Day

Breanna's Breaks Are Okay and The Best Hours

Sophie's How To Stay Productive When You Work From Home 

Cassie's Lesson Learned: My Days In Hours

Latrina's Freelance / My Workflow and Daily Schedule

Braid Creative's Working From Home

Megan's 5 Ways I Stay Healthy While Kicking Ass At Work

Bethany's A Day In The Life Of This Creative Solopreneur 

Hope you enjoy these!


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