Make It Happen Podcast: Why You Don't Want A Workshop, Course, Coach, Or Book To Tell You How To Run Your Business

Make It Happen Podcast: Why You Don't Want A Workshop, Course, Coach, Or Book To Tell You How To Run Your Business

It’s podcast day!

There's a whole lot of noise out there telling us how to build and run our business. But after four years of running my own business and supporting hundreds of my coaching clients in theirs too, I've learned over and over again that nobody knows what our business needs better than we do. And when we look to others to tell us what to do, we can usually find ourselves getting a little lost and disconnected from our business along the way.

So in today's episode I'm sharing why we shouldn't want a workshop, course, coach, or book to tell us how to run our business, and instead why they should be a catalyst for our own discovery and exploration in our work. Because when we look for someone else to tell us what to do, we outsource the leadership of our business and the only person who can ever truly lead it is ourselves.

If you ever feel like you’ve been listening to all of the noise but you’re not feeling any closer to where you want to be in your work, this is the episode for you. My biggest hope is that today’s episode can encourage you to know that you are the expert of your own business, and that you are oh so capable of moving it forward every step of the way too.

Make It Happen Podcast: Why I Believe In A Slow & Steady Approach To Business

Make It Happen Podcast: Why I Believe In A Slow & Steady Approach To Business

Season 8 of Make It Happen is here!

It’s been a while, right? After launching this podcast almost four years ago now, I’m still continuing to discover and define my vision for this show. What I’m learning is that I just have to completely follow my instincts when it comes to this podcast, to give myself permission to do whatever it is I want to do with it each season.

Sometimes that looks like interviews, sometimes that looks like mini episodes I drop all at once, sometimes it looks like no episodes at all for a while, and right now it looks like a 5-part mini series sharing some encouragement and pep talks with you before we wrap up the year.

What I’m trying to say is, thank you. For sticking with me, with the show, for coming along for the ride, and being here even after I’ve taken months off from sharing a single episode. I have no idea what the future holds for Make It Happen, but what I do know for sure is that as and when I do create episodes I want them to be for a reason, I want to enjoy creating them, and more than anything I just want them to be a way for me to encourage and support you in your journey along the way.

So for the first episode of Season 8 I’m digging into why I believe in a slow and steady approach to business.

My Marketing Philosophy As A Creative Business Owner

My Marketing Philosophy As A Creative Business Owner

After four years now of running my own business, I’ve had to slowly find a home within the job role of marketer.

It’s the role that I know so many of us can struggle with - we dream of doing the work we want to do in the world, but rarely do we dream of having to stand on our soapbox and sell it.

But I’ve found that marketing can actually be a very intentional, simple, and purposeful part of your business, and sometimes it can even be a little fun too.

Because at the heart of marketing, for me, is just human connection.

It’s bridging the gap between your business, your services and your products, and the clients and customers whose lives your work will have a positive impact in. 

Where I see a lot of my clients get stuck is when they over-complicate their marketing strategy. When they focus on all of the bells and whistles - the sales funnels, the opt-ins, the social media campaigns - and forget to focus on connection and communication first. 

Because if you build a business that resonates and connects with the people you’re here to serve, and nurture those relationships every step of the way, that connection ends up doing almost all of the selling for you. 

You don’t have to stand on your soapbox and scream at uninterested passers-by, because your dream clients and customers are already right there paying attention to your work. 

So today I want to share with you my own marketing philosophy, in the hopes that it can hold space for you to explore how you can approach your marketing with more intention, simplicity, and purpose moving forward too.