Be A Storyteller, Not A Writer with Laura Jane Williams

For the last episode of this season of Make It Happen I'm joined by the awesome and incomparable Laura Jane Williams. I've been reading Laura's blog for years, and I loved her memoirs Becoming and Ice Cream For Breakfast too, so I was ridiculously excited to have the opportunity to connect with her for this episode. We explore what it means to be a storyteller not a writer, her own writing process, taking control of your creative career by thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur and so much more. 

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On Choosing More with Cat Byrne

In this episode I'm joined by Cat Byrne, a designer who runs her own branding and web design studio over at Gatto Web, a podcast host, and a past client and wonderful friend of mine too. We explore Cat's journey last year of choosing more for herself in her creative business and life, how she pivoted her business to work better for her so she could work less, earn more, and find more freedom and fulfilment along the way too. I had the pleasure of walking with Cat in this journey as her coach, and I was so excited to bring her onto the show this season to share her story with you and have a really honest conversation together about what it looks like to really choose more for yourself in your creative work and life and the work and courage it takes to make that happen too.

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Creative Happiness Comes From Within with Yasamin Al-Tiay

In this episode I'm joined by Yasamin Al-Tiay, a musician based in New Zealand and an awesome client of mine too. We dive into her journey as a musician, how she's recently discovered that her creative happiness comes from within, and how she makes opportunities for herself in an industry full of gatekeepers too.

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Being a Business Owner, Not a Freelancer with Fiona Barrows

In this episode I'm joined by my wonderful friend and client, Fiona Barrows, a brand storyteller based in Frome and we talk all about her journey so far, from leaving a her life in London as a literary agent three years ago to travel around Asia and become a freelance copywriter, to where she is now as a big-hearted business owner living in Frome, UK. We dive into her mindset shift from being a freelancer to becoming a business owner, the message behind her podcast all about living life a little differently, and the philosophy that shapes her work as a brand storyteller too.

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Let's Talk About Podcasting with Alex Kontis-Carrington

In this episode I'm joined by my husband and partner in crime in work and life, Alex Kontis-Carrington, as I knew I had to get him on an episode this season to talk all things podcasting. As a freelance podcast editor, and the editor and producer of Make It Happen since day one of this show too, he really knows about what it takes to bring an awesome podcast to life and in this episode we talk all about producing your own podcast, why it can be such an awesome content stream for business owners, and we also talk a little bit about him taking the leap last year to work for himself full time too. 

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