Over the next five steps we're going to explore some jumping off points so you can start to build the mission statement behind your big crazy idea

Number One

At its basic core, a mission statement is a summary of the aims and values behind a company, organisation, project, or individual. For bloggers and creatives, I think mission statements can be so much more than that. They give our work structure, focus, and purpose, and help us to share with the world who we are, what we do, and why we do it. I would ask yourself - why am I so motivated to work crazy damn hard to make this big idea happen? What’s the end result that you’re working so hard towards? Figuring out the why is so important as it really underpins the mission and the purpose behind the work that you do. When building your mission statement, knowing throughout why you’re so driven will keep you focused and purposeful along the way. So dig deep and ask yourself - what’s the why behind my work?

Number Two

An idea is nothing without the ability and drive to see it through and make it happen. Pinpointing the passions and skills behind your big crazy idea will help you to really explore how you’re going to make this happen. Anyone can start something, but it takes passion, ability, and skill to see it through and execute it in a way that causes others to stop and pay attention. Get down on paper the core skills behind this idea - what do you bring to the table and why do you believe that this is the project for you? Figuring this out will make it so much easier when sharing and promoting your work too. 

Number Three

When exploring and building your mission statement, it’s super important to really understand the part your creative values and intentions play in the process. These core values are what will guide you in everything that you do, so letting them take centre stage in your mission statement is key.

Ask yourself:

  • What core creative values have inspired my big crazy idea?
  • What are my intentions behind pursuing this idea - what do I hope to achieve?
  • What are your personal goals when pursuing this big idea?

Number Four

Many of us online are creating for a specific type of community. When we’re working hard to make big things happen, so much of that is about connecting with the right people for us and sharing content, ideas, services, and products with them that we’re sure will be worth their time. That passion for the people we’re creating for is key to our mission statement - it’s why we’re doing this and why we believe it is worth our time. 

Ask yourself:

  • Who am I for and why do I care about them?
  • Why do I believe my work will be of value to them?
  • What do I want them to takeaway from my work?
  • What skills and passions do I bring to this endeavour? How can I use them to be of service to my ideal readers/clients?

Number Five

Now to the nitty gritty details - the what & the how. So far you’ve explored the why behind your idea, the passions and skills that you bring to the table, the creative values and intentions that are guiding you, and why you care about the people you want to create for. All of this will hopefully have helped you to build a clear picture of your mission statement, and all that is left is to pinpoint the what and the how.

The what:

  • What are you going to create/make?
  • What will it do? 
  • What problems does it solve? What needs does it meet?
  • What role do you play in this?
  • What customer service will you have available?

The how:

  • How do you differ from the competition?
  • How will your ideal readers/clients/customers engage with your brand?
  • How will you share your work with them? Will it be paid, unpaid, or a mix of them both?
  • How will you market and promote your big idea?