Number One

Standing out in the crowd and bringing something different to the table is a great way to create content that has some serious impact and reach with your ideal readers. Instead of talking about the same things as everyone else, explore the different topics in your niche that aren't often talked about. Is there a conversation you can start that will help you to stand out online? Or is there a topic that is talked about over and over again but you know you can bring a fresh and different perspective to the discussion? Either way, explore the ways you can switch things up and create a piece of content that is insightful, innovative, and a little bit different to everything else out there. 

Number Two

People want to know about the person behind the brand, yet so many of us can struggle sharing more of ourselves online without feeling like we're crossing some personal boundaries. Your personal brand shapes everything that you do, and it's how you will stand out amongst all the other crazy talented people around you, and your content is the best place to really share more of who you are and what you do. While still creating something that is purposeful, what content can you share that will give your audience an insight into the person behind the blog? Brainstorm a piece of content that shares a little insight into who you are, what you do, and why you do it. 

Number Three

One of the best ways to establish your expertise and connect with your audience is to share your secrets - although this may seem counterproductive, it's actually one of the best ways to build authentic trust online so that you can ultimately make a living doing something you love. What have you learned along the way that you know will be insightful, encouraging, and informative for your readers? No matter your topic or area of focus, there will be something you can share that will really cause people to stop and pay attention. Don't be afraid to tap into your knowledge base and really believe in the ideas and information that you want to share. 

Number Four

I'm a big believer in delighting our readers as often as we can. One of the best ways to do this is to go above and beyond now and again with the content that you share. This means creating a huge piece of content such as a challenge, a free eBook, a resource, or maybe a video training series, that will ultimately delight your readers and get them excited about your online presence and the work and ideas that you share. The secret to this type of content is to think really big - usually it takes something a little unexpected to really delight your readers, so don't be afraid to try something a little different or outside of your comfort zone. 

Number Five

This is your cornerstone content - it's what you want your blog to be known for and it's what you'll be directing readers to for many months to come. Your content plays a huge part in really defining your brand and what it is about, and this type of evergreen content is a great way to really direct that perception in a way that works towards your larger goals and aims. Dig deep into what your business and/or brand is really about, and brainstorm a piece of content that not only will define what you're about but also attract and connect with your ideal readers too.