You Are The Centre

This one mindset shift can change everything. When we treat our blogs as if they are the centre we keep ourselves small and ineffective. Your blog is a tool at your disposal. It’s the hub of your online presence and you can utilise it in whichever way you see fit. If you treat your blog as if it is the centre, you limit yourself to all the possibilities that may come from thinking bigger and bolder with your online space. 

So what is the centre?

You, your work, your creativity, and your ideas are the centre. That’s where all the good stuff comes from. If you can shift your perspective to treating your blog as an extension of the centre and as the hub of your online presence, you can then really dig into it and unlock its true potential. If you allow your blog to become too insular and reliant on its own existence, you’ll struggle to think bigger and bolder along the way. If you want to break out of small thinking and utilise your blog as a game changer in your career, business, and/or life, staying in tune with your centre along the way is key. 

And What Is The Hub?

Your website is the hub. It’s where you share your blog, your work, and your sales and hire me pages if you’re monetising your work in that way. So many of us can focus too much on our blogs and forget to check in with the bigger picture along the way. To really utilise the possibilities of your online presence, thinking of your blog as more than just a website with blog posts and pictures is a powerful mindset shift to embrace. Instead, if you think of your blog as the hub of your work, your ideas, and your online presence, you can build it in a way that is aligned with your bigger goals and intentions.

If you want to make big things happen with your online presence, one of the first steps is to start thinking bigger than just your blog. See it as the hub, not the centre, and you you’ll open yourself up to innovative and exciting ideas. 

So What Next?

Treating your blog like the hub and unlocking your true potential isn’t an easy process. You have to give way more of yourself to everything you do to really show up and utilise your creativity. But that’s exactly what this guide is here for. Over the next five steps I’m going to take you through the things you can do to think bigger and bolder with your blog and make your online presence work for you. 

Just Remember

Your blog is the hub, not the centre. You are the centre and you direct where everything goes. Be brave and bold with your approach to your online space - open yourself up to bigger ideas and innovative ways of creating and sharing through your online presence. 

How to tap into your centre and unlock its potential

If you’re committed to making awesome things happen with your blog, tapping into your centre and unlocking its potential can make all the difference. Four questions to explore to help you dig deep are:

What are you passionate about? What is the passion behind your work? What areas/topics are you interested in and why are you passionate about creating for your audience? Figuring out the ‘why’ behind your work is a great way to really pinpoint your purpose. Staying passionate is key to making big things happen with your blog. Not only will that passion drive you to create and share innovative and exciting content and ideas, but your community will also engage and connect with that passion too. 

What are your strengths? There is so much potential hidden within our process, all we have to do is dig deep and unlock it. Once you tap into your centre and start thinking much bigger with your online presence, you can the start to make super exciting things happen. Ask yourself - what are my strengths? Figure them out and play to them every step of the way. Do you like to teach? Or entertain? Or inspire? Are you full of awesome ideas? Or maybe you’re super talented at a particular skill? Know your strengths - but don’t be too afraid of your weaknesses either. They’re usually the perfect challenge to push ourselves and grow. 

What’s the big dream? Don’t be afraid to let yourself dream big. If it’s not scary, it’s probably not worth dreaming about. Hone in on the big dream - although it may change along the way, having that clear and core focus is essential to staying in tune with the centre of your online presence. Write it down and then break it down into mini 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month dreams. 

What’s your motivation? Everyone’s motivated by something. Whether it’s a desire to quit your day job and do your passion full time, or maybe to provide for your family and loved ones, pinpoint your motivation and let it drive you every step of the way. Maybe you’re motivated by the hopes of helping and inspiring others, or by the opportunity to challenge and nurture your own creativity, whatever it is, don’t be afraid to let motivation be the push you need to get things done.

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