You have something awesome to say.

Stories, ideas, and a message that will resonate and connect with the people you're here to serve with your business.

Imagine if you could attract the dreamiest of dream clients through your blog, newsletters, podcast episodes, Instagram captions, and more?

Because you can.

I've been consistently booked out with crazy-awesome clients for the past five years all thanks to my digital content.

By sharing my own stories, ideas, and message through my blog, podcast, Weekly Letters, and mini books I've been able to build meaningful and authentic relationships with potential dream clients every step of the way.

And I've supported so many of my clients to do this too.

By diving deep into their message, stories, and ideas, and getting to the heart of who it is their dream clients really are and how they're here to serve them, I've helped them to find the clarity, confidence, and structure they need to bring to life incredible content along the way.

And that's exactly what Writing For Dream Clients is here to help you do too.

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Writing For Dream Clients is a self-guided mini class that's here to help you develop a content plan and a writing process that will support you to bring to life blog posts, newsletters, podcast episodes, Instagram captions and more that resonate, connect, and sell.

Here’s what’s included in Writing For Dream Clients:

This mini class has four lessons that dive into:

Lesson One: In lesson one you will dive deep into who your dream clients and customers actually are, and what the purpose of your content is and how it's here to support your business along the way.

Lesson Two: In lesson two you will spend time really discovering and uncovering your voice, and diving deep into what the core message, stories, and ideas you want to share through your content are too.

Lesson Three: Lesson three will walk you through my process for developing an intentional, purposeful, and engaging content eco-system, and you will explore case studies of other big-hearted creatives who are bringing to life incredible content right now too.

Lesson Four: This class isn't just here to help you find focus, clarity, and direction with your content plan, it's also here to help you actually feel confident and ready to write for your dream clients too. So for the fourth and final lesson of this class you will have six writing assignments to dive into to help you take everything you’ve explored in this class and actually start bringing it to life. And because I know how scary and overwhelming it can be to really start to dive deep and bring your content to life, you'll also have access to a 5-part audio coaching series to help you move past those fears so you can truly start to believe in yourself and your ideas moving forward.

Writing For Dream Clients is delivered through PDF lessons, plus accompanying materials (including audio coaching) to support you every step of the way. You’ll receive the entire class when you buy and can work through it at whatever pace works best for you.


Are you ready to start writing for your dream clients?

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Writing For Dream Clients is for you if:

  • You're ready to be more intentional with your content creation process

  • You're ready to really uncover and discover your voice and brand message

  • You're ready to connect with your dream clients and customers in a human, authentic, and meaningful way

  • You're ready to bring to life engaging, meaningful, and sharable content

  • You're ready to feel more confident and in flow with your writing and content creation process

  • You're ready to develop an awesome content plan that works for you and your business


How does this class work exactly? How will you be teaching it?

As a coach, I believe I can serve you best by holding space, asking the right questions, and supporting you to discover and explore your own answers along the way. Through each module I'll be sharing with you ideas, exercises, resources, and tools to help you dive deep and uncover your own answers and clarity moving forward and the entire class is delivered through PDF downloads.

What type of business owner is this class for?

Writing For Dream Clients is for coaches, mentors, designers, copywriters, editors, stylists, photographers, and anyone who wants to use their digital content to help them to attract dream clients and customers for their services and offerings along the way.

How much time will I need to dedicate to this class?

With everything in life, the more you put into this class the more you will get out of it. That being said, I've kept each module as fluff free, to-the-point, and as easy to follow as possible - while still packing in the most important things that I hope and believe can be of service to your along the way.

As Writing For Dream Clients is self-guided you can work through it at whatever pace works best for you.

Still have more questions?

Ask away! Drop me an email at and I will get back to you soon!

If you’re based in the EU VAT will be added at checkout

And if you want to know if Writing For Dream Clients is the right fit for you? You can listen to my podcast (I also co-host this one!), read my blog, dive into my Weekly Letters and mini books, and read through my client stories to see if my work, my approach, and my message resonates with you.