Write The Damn Thing

A Support Group For Creative Storytellers

So you have an awesome idea.

For a book.

Or a blog.

A collection of essays.

Or maybe just some ridiculously awesome Instagram captions.

Whatever it is, you have a story that you want to tell.

You might not even have a fully formed idea yet, but you know deep down that it's there. 

Maybe it's your own story, or a fictional world that you want to bring to life from your own imagination.

But you're not actually doing any of the writing yet.

You keep telling yourself that you will, but weeks and months go past and you're still at a zero word count.

And I know exactly how you feel. I'm right there with you, dreaming big and avoiding doing the work.

Because it's scary, right?

Putting pen to paper. Telling our stories. Bearing our soul on the page.

Because what if we discover that we don't actually have anything worthwhile to say?

That those words we've been dreaming of writing will not be as engaging, entertaining, or encouraging as we first hoped they could be?

And still, the dream never goes away.

That book. That blog. Those personal essays and Instagram captions.

Cheryl Strayed once said:

"I know it’s hard to write, darling. But it’s harder not to. The only way you’ll find out if you “have it in you” is to get to work and see if you do"

So what do you say?

Are you ready to get to work and see if you have it in you?

If so, I've created Write The Damn Thing just for you.

It's a support group, workshop, and mini writing class all rolled into one.

And I've not just made it for you, I've made it for me too.

Because I think Cheryl Strayed was onto something - it's so much harder not to write. To keep those stories to ourselves. To wonder what we could bring to life if only we were brave enough to try.

So let's spend 28 days together pushing past all of our fear and resistance so we can write the damn thing anyway...

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect
— Anaïs Nin

So what exactly is Write The Damn Thing?

It's a 28 day support group, workshop, and mini writing class all rolled into one.

The biggest goal of Write The Damn Thing is to just get you writing. To help you reconnect to the storyteller within you, to hold space for you to come home to the stories and ideas that you want to share. To help you brush off the cobwebs and start writing again - or even start writing for the very first time. It's here to help you find the courage to just get started, even if it feels oh so scary to do so.

Here's what's included:

1. A Write The Damn Thing workbook

This is filled with exercises, journalling prompts, and questions to help you dive deep and figure out what it is you actually want to write, why you want to write it, and what's been holding you back so far too. It's here to gently hold space for you to be brave enough to start writing, to be okay with how messy, uncomfortable, and vulnerable the process may feel along the way, and to start to build a plan of action so you can actually bring to life that writing project you've been dreaming of.

2. Weekly writing prompts & pep talks

Every Monday for four weeks you'll receive an email from me with a pep talk to encourage you in your writing journey and some writing prompts to help kickstart your writing process and discovery throughout the week too.

3. A private Facebook community

This is where we can connect, cheer each other on, and share all of our highs and lows throughout the month. I'll be in there every week, sharing the journey of trying to write my own damn thing and rooting for you in your own journey every step of the way too.

I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn
— Anne Frank

Who is Write The Damn Thing for?

Anyone who is ready to move past their fear, self-doubt, and resistance so you can start to bring to life that personal creative writing project you've been dreaming of.

Anyone who needs a little encouragement, support, and accountability so you can actually start to commit to your writing and make space for it in your life.

Anyone who needs to be reminded that your stories matter, that you have permission to take up space in the world, and that it's okay if you need space and time to make your writing as good as you want it to be. 

And anyone who is ready to write the damn thing anyway, even if it's not perfect yet, even if it's scary and hard, even if you have no idea whether anyone will ever want to read it. Because, just like Cheryl Strayed says, it's always harder not to. 

Who is Write The Damn Thing not for?

Anyone looking for specific support with writing for their creative business - though I have a class called Writing For Dream Clients that may be exactly what you're looking for!

If you're looking for quick fixes or a step-by-step formula - Write The Damn Thing is here to help you dive into how you write best, into what it is you truly want from your own writing process along the way. It's not here to tell you what to do, it's here to help you get out of your own way so you can move forward in whatever way works best for you.

If you're looking for an expert writing teacher - I'm right here with you figuring this out too, pushing past my own fears and resistance and finding the courage to write the damn thing anyway. I'm not a published author or acclaimed writing teacher, I'm just a creative coach and human who is trying to be brave enough to bring my own stories to life and wants to support you in your journey too. 

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. I've created Write The Damn Thing for myself as much as I've created it for you, and I'm just oh so excited to have this opportunity to support each other as we finally start to do the work to bring our stories to life.

I write to discover what I know
— Flannery O'Connor

How and when can I join in?

The next round of Write The Damn Thing will start later this year!

Get it down. Take chances. It may be bad, but it’s the only way you can do anything really good
— William Faulkner

Are you ready to spend 28 days together writing the damn thing?

The next round of Write The Damn Thing will start later this year!