Just some last few useful things to know about squarespace

Social Media Integration

  1. Go to settings > social > connected accounts > connect account
  2. Choose which platforms you'd like to connect with
  3. The accounts you connect will then be shown every time you use the Social Links block

Mailchimp Integration

  1. Choose the Newsletter Block
  2. Click Storage
  3. Choose MailChimp
  4. Connect your account and choose which list

Blogging With Squarespace

  1. Home > Pages > Blog
  2. Click the arrow near the top to open up a new post editor
  3. Use Blocks to add content
  4. Add tags & categories 
  5. Choose Options
  6. You can add an excerpt if you prefer a 'Read More' feature on your blog page
Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 22.33.22.png

Scheduling Posts

  1. Click Draft
  2. Choose Scheduled
  3. Click now
  4. Choose a date and time in the future to publish

Using the Form block

Form blocks are awesome for making it super easy to have prospect clients get in touch, readers share their feedback, and even collect information form our audience. This post breaks down step by step how you can use the form blocks and I definitely recommend incorporating one into your Contact page as it makes managing reader communication so much easier. 

Custom CSS

For those of you a little more confident in the world of custom CSS, you can use the CSS Editor to make adjustments to your site that the Style Editor just doesn't accommodate.. Even if you're not CSS savvy, a quick Google search can usually pull up exactly what you're looking for. This post explains the process in more depth for you

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