Now that you’re clearer on your bigger picture and you’ve started to visualise your ideal workweek, it’s time to tackle some of the things that may be getting in the way of it becoming a reality. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut, or build bad habits, or feel stuck in the routine we’ve built so far, yet I’ve found that there’s nothing that can’t be fixed when it comes to our routine as business owners. It may take time, tough decisions, and a whole lot of brave and bold moves to build the life you really want, but it’s oh so doable. 

Think of a day recently where you didn’t feel good in your business. What did that look like?

Picturing that day? Dive a little deeper and ask yourself:

  • What didn’t feel good? How did that feel mentally and physically?
  • What made it worse? What triggered those feelings? 
  • If you could go back and do that day differently, what would you change?

See what comes to the surface for you here - hopefully you can start to discover what’s not been working for you so far in your business. Don’t forget to also ask yourself what’s been feeling good too, so you can still make space for that along the way. 

What’s getting in the way of making your ideal workweek a reality?

Keep the ideal workweek you mapped out in Step Two in front of you. Take a long hard look at it - maybe you can start to see how you can make it happen, or maybe you’re just staring at it feeling like it’s impossible. Ask yourself:

  • What’s getting in the way of making this ideal workweek a reality right now?
  • If I tried to implement this ideal workweek next week, what would stop it from flowing freely?

This is usually where most people get stuck - they see what they want, and then see where they’re at right now, and can’t see how they can bridge the gap between the two. We end up feeling stuck and like there’s no way forward, and we lose hope and motivation along the way. But once you discover what’s getting in the way, you can then start making some positive changes along the way. 

What needs to change so you can make it happen?

Here’s where you can start to make some practical decisions moving forward. For example:

  • Maybe you need to change your client process so you can have more space in your business for a routine that works better for you
  • Maybe you need to raise your prices so you can work with less clients
  • Maybe you need to outsource some tasks to free up your time for the work that matters most to you
  • Maybe you need to diversify your income streams to give you more freedom in your business
  • Maybe you need to put more boundaries in place so you lose less time to the things that don’t truly matter to you

Start to brainstorm what you could change, adapt, and evolve in your business to make space for a more joyful, impactful, and productive routine along the way without compromising on your core goals or priorities. 

Are there any habits you’ve built that you’d like to change?

This is an interesting one - sometimes we may find that the biggest thing getting in the way of a fulfilling routine in our business is ourselves. Ask yourself:

  • How am I getting in my own way of cultivating a joyful, impactful, and fulfilling routine in my business? What habits have I built that aren’t truly serving me along the way?
  • What are new habits I’d love to explore and build in my creative work and life?

See what comes up for you here and don’t forget to be kind to yourself - it’s okay if you’ve built some bad habits so far, because the secret is that we all do. Be honest with yourself, but trust in the truth that you are capable of change moving forward. 

Any boundaries you’d love to put in place?

This goes back to what needs to change so you can make your ideal week a reality. Ask yourself:

  • Are there areas in your business where you feel you’ve been compromising too much when it comes to your boundaries? If so, how would you love for it to look and feel differently?
  • What non-essentials in your business are taking up more energy and time from you than you’re willing to give? What boundaries could you put in place to change this?
  • What boundaries have you struggled to honour so far in your business? What’s getting in the way? And how can you move forward and find the confidence and process so you can uphold them from now on?

Hopefully you’re now able to see what’s getting in the way of making your ideal workweek a reality, and you’ve started to troubleshoot and build a clearer picture of how best you can make a positive change moving forward.

Next up we’re going to take everything you’ve discovered in Part 1 of The Intuitive Workweek and turn it into an action plan...