So the first part of The Intuitive Workweek is going to be all about clarifying and visualising your bigger picture and routine - so we’re talking your business goals, your vision for your work and your lifestyle, how it is you really want to be feeling in your business along the way, and what’s getting in the way so far. 

This section includes the first three steps of The Intuitive Workweek process:

  • Step One: Your Big Picture
  • Step Two: Visualising Your Ideal Workweek
  • Step Three: What’s Not Working So Far? 

We’re starting here because I’ve found it’s always great to kickstart this process of building a joyful, impactful, and productive routine by getting super clear on what you want your daily grind and routine in your business to really look and feel like. 

There are lots of reflective exercises in this section, so I’d definitely recommend taking your time and working through them step-by-step. My advice to my clients is always this: see what comes to the surface, sit with it, and stay curious and keep digging deeper until you start to feel like you’re getting to the heart of your answer. Sometimes we can feel like there’s a certain answer we should say, when in reality what we truly want is something a little different. 

These are the tasks my clients always love working through; when you’re feeling a little stuck, uninspired, or disconnected in your daily routine in your business, it’s like turning the lights back on again when you start to realise that a better, more fulfilling, alternative is possible. 

And don’t worry, I won’t just leave you in the dreaming stage here. At the end of Part 1 we’re going to take everything you discover through this process and turn it into an actionable plan you can use to keep you moving forward towards a daily grind that is more fulfilling and productive for you. 

Let’s jump in...