When I first started playing around with the idea for The Intuitive Workweek I wrote down the following sentence in my notes:

“I want it to be fun, easy to follow, not overwhelming, but simple and clarifying”

I’ve tried to honour that every step of the way while bringing this program to life. I think we’re all busy enough trying to live happy, healthy, and productive lives, and balancing a career, a family, a home, and a social life is no easy task, so I don’t want The Intuitive Workweek to become just another burden on your to-do list.

I want this program to help you make the daily grind in your business easier, more fun, more impactful, more fulfilling, and ultimately more effective so you can then get back to living a whole and happy life along the way. 

So because I want to respect your time and your energy, I’ve tried to keep this program as fuss free and simple as possible. What you’ll find next is three different sections:

  • Part One: Clarify & Visualise
  • Part Two: Plan, Plan, Plan
  • Part Three: Your Joyful, Impactful, & Fulfilling Daily Grind

In these you’ll find insights, exercises, and ideas from me to you to hopefully help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be with your daily routine in your business. There’s also an action plan for you to fill in at the end of each section to keep you moving forward too. I’m walking you through the process I’ve walked myself through and my clients through too, in the hopes it can bring you some clarity, focus, and direction along the way. 

I’ve tried my best to keep this program as fluff free as possible, I’ve sprinkled in some personal insights and stories here and there, but on the whole I’ve kept each section as focused and to-the-point as possible. I recommend having a notebook (digital or paper, whichever if your favourite) on hand as you work through each section so you can take notes and work through the exercises. 

Like I said in the introduction, don’t be afraid to tweak this process to work best for you. Listen to your own intuition every step of the way, but I’d definitely recommend giving all of the exercises a go at first to see what they can uncover for you. 

More than anything, I hope The Intuitive Workweek can be an enjoyable and clarifying process for you, and on the other side I hope you feel able to cultivate and build a routine in your business that is joyful, impactful, and productive. 

Let’s jump in...