To kickstart Part 3, we’re going to spend a little time thinking about how you work best in your business. Here’s something I’ve seen in so many of my coaching clients - they put so much pressure on themselves to work in a way that they think they should do. Maybe they read about it in a “productivity hacks” post, or it’s how a friend or mentor works best, or maybe they just haven’t given themselves permission yet to lean into their own strengths and creative flow. 

Ultimately, this step is all about helping you to embrace how you work best and make space for it each and every day in the way you approach your routine and workflow. I have just 4 steps to walk you through to hopefully help you find some clarity and direction with this moving forward. 

Your creative strengths and creative flow

First things first, we’re going to explore your creative strengths and creative flow. Ask yourself:

  • What tasks in my business feel effortless and flow with ease?
  • When do I feel “in my element” as a creative?
  • What do other people compliment me on when it comes to my workflow and creative strengths?
  • What about my weaknesses the areas where I struggle - when do I feel the least in flow in my business? 

Hopefully what you can start to see here is a clear picture of how you work best in your business. Once you start to take ownership of how you work best as a creative business owner, you can then start to prioritise your energy in the most productive and fulfilling way. 

Think of a day recently where you felt productive and creatively inspired. What did that look like?

To dig a little deeper, think about a day recently where you felt productive and inspired in your business. Ask yourself:

  • What did that look like?
  • How did it feel?
  • What enabled me to have such a productive and fulfilling day?
  • How could I make more space for this kind of day on a regular basis?

What you’ll hopefully be able to discover here is how you’ve already been leaning into your strengths and creative flow in your business - and hopefully this can be a jumping off point for making it a reality in your daily grind more often than not. 

Visualise your ideal workspace

We touched on this a little already when visualising your ideal workweek, but to revisit and dig a little deeper ask yourself:

  • What does my ideal workspace look like? Where would I love to be making things happen throughout the week?
  • Do I have different ideal workspaces for different tasks in my business?
  • How do I want my workspace to make me feel? 
  • With the means and resources I have available to me, how can I start to make my ideal workspace a reality?

Never underestimate the power your environment has to shape and influence your mood, your productivity, and your mindset. Your ultimate dream office space may not be a reality quite yet, but there are always little tweaks, changes, and experiments we can make to try and make the most out of what we have available to us right now while still working towards the bigger picture too. 

How can you honour your strengths each workday? 

We’ve touched on this topic a little bit before too, but to help you get super focused on it moving forward ask yourself:

  • How can you work in alignment with your natural creative process and strengths in your business each day?
  • How can you make space for what you need for a productive and fulfilling workday in your daily routine as a business owner?
  • What permission do you need to give yourself so you can work to your own strengths along the way?

Hopefully what you’ve started to discover in Step 7 is how you work best, how you can make more space for what a productive and fulfilling workday truly looks like for you, and how you can honour your natural creative flow along the way.

Next up we’re going to explore how you can put in place systems that will save your sanity as a business owner...