So far in The Intuitive Workweek we’ve explored what your vision is for your daily grind in your business, what your core goals are right now, and how you can plan with intention every quarter, month, and week so you can make things happen along the way. For this last part, we’re going to explore the nitty gritty details that will help you to cultivate a joyful, impactful, and productive routine in your business.

This section is broken down into four parts:

  • Step Seven: How Do You Work Best?
  • Step Eight: Systems That Save Your Sanity
  • Step Nine: The Things That Get In The Way
  • Step Ten: Keep Your Daily Grind Joyful

Hopefully what you’ll be able to discover in Part 3 is how you can take all of the visioning, planning, and dreaming that you’ve done so far in The Intuitive Workweek and make it into a daily reality in your business. 

A book I encourage you to read if you’re really struggling in your career right now with finding “balance” is Thrive by Arianna Huffington. During the burnout I battled with in 2015, I read this book and it completely changed everything for me. In this book, Arianna talks about redefining success through learning how to thrive in our work and our lives - so we don’t just focus on money and power and external successes along the way. It’s a fantastic read and one I really recommend if you’re starting from zero and in need of a fresh perspective. 

More than anything, I hope this section can help you to explore the practicalities and details that will help you to build a joyful, impactful, and productive routine in your business. I hope the exercises to follow will help you discover how best you can work intuitively along the way.

Let’s jump in...