The Intuitive Workweek

If you're fed up of feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed, never good enough, overstretched, underutilised, and like the daily grind just isn’t as dreamy as you hoped it would be, this is for you

In late 2015, I battled with some seriously intense business burnout. I was exhausted, stressed, and completely overwhelmed - but it didn’t actually need to be like that. I was overworked yet underutilised in my business, and after coming out on the other side, I realised there was a better, more joyful way I could be working instead.

But that wasn’t when I decided to create this course.

After seeing so many of my clients battle with this too - with feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and like the daily grind just isn’t as joyful and productive as they hoped it would be - and walking them through the process I walked myself through and seeing them then truly thrive in their creative and work and life, I realised that I had to share this process with as many other big-hearted creatives as possible.

As a coach, I adore working one on one with my clients, but time and finances means that I’m not able to work with everyone in that capacity. So that’s why I’ve created The Intuitive Workweek - to hopefully support, encourage, and guide you in your journey if you’re ready to say hello to a joyful, impactful, and productive daily grind. 

More than anything, I want you to know it's possible to work hard, reach incredible goals in your business, and honour your creative potential while still finding joy and fulfilment along the way too. A dream job may still be a job, but that doesn't mean we can't still make it a little dreamy along the way too. 

Let me tell you a little bit more about The Intuitive Workweek...

Does this sound like you?

You feel stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted in your business

You know things don’t have to be like this, you’re just not really sure how to make a change

You’re working more than you’d like to be each week, but you still feel like you’re not actually getting everything done

You’re not really sure what you want from your creative work and life, you just know you don’t want this

You know what kind of creative life you want to be living, you just don’t think it’s possible with the business you’ve built so far

You feel guilty for wanting more - why isn’t being able to be your own boss (even if you’re stressed, exhausted, and overworked but underutilised) enough?  

Wouldn’t it be nice if...

You woke up every single workday feeling excited to get things done in your business

You end every workday feeling fulfilled, productive, and like you gave it 100%… without feeling burned out in the process

You felt in control, on top of your workload, and prepared each workday so you no longer waste time throughout the week

You gave yourself permission to make things happen in a way that works best for you

You were able to truly up-level in your business on your own terms, by cutting out the things that don’t truly matter

That dreamy creative life you’re aching for actually became a reality

Jen has helped me to connect to what is truly important to me in my business: having fun. Since I’ve been focused on having fun, my business has been THRIVING. I can honestly say I’ve never felt SO good in my business.

Paige Schmidt of Healthy Hits The Spot

Holistic Health Coach

So here’s what you’re going to discover and learn...

1. Why working intuitively in your business can be so powerful, and how you can make it work for you

You’re going to explore and discover a new way of working in your business that leans into your strengths and creativity, instead of working against them. You’ll give yourself permission to make things happen in your business in a way that works best for you. Through visualising exercises, nitty gritty business planning, and developing systems that will save your sanity, you’re going to discover how you can work intuitively along the way. 

2. What kind of creative work and life you truly want to be cultivating along the way. and what’s not been working so far

You’re going to uncover and explore what kind of creative life you really want to be living along the way. You’re going to give yourself permission to build the business and lifestyle you really want to be bringing to life, and you’re going to discover what’s not working so far so you can make positive and impactful change over the weeks and months ahead to come.  

3. How to plan for your business each quarter, month, and week so you can say hello to a joyful, impactful, and productive daily grind

Intuitive working is rooted in having a clear focus, plan, and vision for what’s next in your business. Throughout this course you will develop a process for quarterly, monthly, and weekly planning so you can prioritise the most important areas in your work, reach the goals you really want to reach, and truly find joy and focus in your day-to-day your business. 

4. How you work best in your business, and what systems you can put in place to support your best workflow

You’re going to deep dive into your business and workflow and truly discover how you work best, and give yourself permission to build systems and processes in your business that work in alignment with that too. You’re going to let go of all the “shoulds” and the things that are getting in the way of a joyful and productive daily grind. 

5. How to keep your daily grind joyful when the realities and responsibilities of work and life start to get in the way

The truth is, some days are harder than others. We face different struggles and obstacles along the way. You’re going to discover how you can still work intuitively even when it’s a little harder to do so, and you’re going to develop habits and mindsets that help you stay focused and intentional along the way. 

What have I discovered since working with Jen? So many things. 1) Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. And ease! 2) My business truly thrives when I put my quality of life, relationship to myself, and desired lifestyle FIRST, and my muddled, noisy ideas about what I “should” do for a thriving business SECOND. 3) I have her words “You don’t have to hustle for your self-worth” taped above my desk for constant everyday reminders.

Amy Young of Amy Young Coaching

Life Coach & Video Blogger

This course is for you if...

You're ready to discover what kind of business and life you really want to be building

Knowing what you want is the first step to actually making what you want a reality. This course is going to help you dig deep, cut out all the noise, and get clarity on what kind of creative work and life you truly want to be cultivating along the way. 

You’re wondering if this is all there is

Your business just isn’t feeling as dreamy as you first hoped it would. You know that a dream job is still a job, but you can’t help but wonder if it’s supposed to be this hard. You’re ready to choose more for yourself than the not-so-dreamy daily grind you’ve built so far.

You want to work smarter not harder

You’re pushing and pushing in your business, but never actually reaching those higher-level goals you’re aching to reach. You’re ready to work smarter, not harder, and to let your intuition guide the way instead of your ego and your fear. 

You’re fed up of never feeling good enough in your business

No matter how hard you work, you end most weeks feeling like it just wasn’t good enough. You’re ready to feel joyful, focused, and at peace in your business - so you can stop wasting time beating yourself up, and instead get back to living this awesome life that you’re building for yourself. 

You’re ready to dive deep and do the work

You know I can’t do the hard work for you. I can hold space and outline a process and exercises for you through this course, but you know you’ve got to show up, dig deep, and do the work yourself. You’re ready to commit to this process and, more than anything, commit to building a joyful, impactful, and productive daily grind for yourself along the way. 

Jen has given my mind the space to explore what online business means to me and what I want from being part of this crazy world. She’s helped me figure out how to best manage my time, how to escape the overwhelming noise of the internet, and keep me focused on the reason I started my business in the first place. Which was to have lots of freedom, zero stress (ok, almost zero stress), and not to do the same things as everyone else because I’m ‘supposed to’ if I want to be ‘successful’.

Suzanne Hoare of PepperJar

Creative Copywriter

This course is not for you..

If you just want to be told what to do

As a coach, I believe in the power of holding space, asking the right questions, and encouraging and enabling clients and customers to discover and explore their own answers for themselves. This course isn’t for you if you’re not ready to take full responsibility and ownership of your decisions and creative journey along the way. 

If you’re looking for a blueprint for your business

This is a course for creative business owners, but this is not a creative business course. The Intuitive Workweek is here to help you discover, explore, and build a plan of action so you can turn your not-so-dreamy daily grind into a joyful, impactful, and productive one. 

If you’re expecting overnight change

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It may take months, even years, to fully pivot your business into the best direction for you. The secret is to carve out joyful moments in the season your business is in now, while still doing the work it takes to move in the best direction for you. If you’re not ready to commit to a long term process, this course isn’t for you. 

Jen knows exactly what questions to ask to get those gears in your head turning at full steam. For the first time ever, I was actually EXCITED about getting homework. Say whaaa??

Allison Barclay of Painted Summers

Brand Strategist & Designer


How does this course work exactly? How will you be teaching it? 

As a coach, I believe I can serve you best by holding space, asking the right questions, and supporting you to discover and explore your own answers along the way. The Intuitive Workweek is broken down into three main sections, and the material of this course is mostly taught in the form of reflective exercises for you to work through.

But don’t worry, I’m not just leaving you in the dreaming stage. At the end of each section there’s an action plan for you to fill in too, so you can take what you’ve discovered and turn it into action in your business and creative life along the way. 

Is this course for side-hustlers too?

More than anything, this course is about developing a process that enables you to work intuitively in your business. Although it’s arguably much easier for full time business owners to develop a joyful, impactful, and productive daily grind as they are in complete control of their time, if you’re a side-hustler aching to make things happen in a more intuitive and joyful way my hope is that this course can serve and encourage you in your journey too. 

How long will this course take to work through?

One of my main intentions when creating this course was to honour how busy we all are. We have a whole lot to manage and balance already - business, family, friendships, housework, relationships. So I’ve kept The Intuitive Workweek as fluff free, to-the-point, and easy to follow as possible - while still packing in the most important things that I hope and believe can be of service to your along the way. 

Each lesson is short, sweet, and to-the-point, but I wouldn’t recommend rushing through them as you will discover your best answers by really giving yourself space to dive deep into each and every one of them. 

Are you going to tell me how I should be working in my business?

Hell no. As a coach, I work from a core belief that you are the expert in your creative life. It’s my job to hold space, ask the right questions, and support you to discover your own answers along the way. The Intuitive Workweek outlines exercises and a process you can work from to find out how best you can create a joyful, impactful, and productive daily grind, but all the nitty gritty details are up to you to decide. 

My biggest advice is to make this course work best for you. Don’t be afraid to take the bits that serve you and leave the ones that don’t. Never forget that you are the expert in your creative life and the very best answers will always come from you. 

How long will I have access to the course?

Forever! And you'll have free access to any course updates that may happen too.

Jen is very supportive and will help you set meaningful goals and objectives for your business that feel good to you. She is big on making sure that your business or creative work moves forward in a way that feels truly authentic to who you are and what you want to produce. She definitely understands the creative business owner!

Ché Dyer of Ché Dyer

Yoga Teacher & Illustrator

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