Because even coaches need support, guidance, and encouragement too


I believe you can run a fulfilling, impactful, and profitable coaching business completely on your own terms without compromising your vision or your integrity along the way.

Why? Because that’s exactly what I’ve done in my own coaching business, and it's what I’ve seen so many of my big-hearted clients who are also coaches do too.

Kayte Ferris of Simple & Season

Marketing Coach & Blogger

If I hadn’t worked with Jen there’d be no way that I would have had the successes I’ve had this year. When I first started working with Jen I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing, or what I was going to do. She helped me formulate my niche, to double down on what I’m good at, to work out what I could actually do. She made me believe that I had value to offer and kept me focused even in those scary first few weeks of business.

I’ll admit that there were times during the first weeks after launch that I never thought I’d be able to write that I’d be booked up by the end of the year, but Jen helped to keep me focused, and her steadfast belief in me got me through and out the other side.

Being a coach or a mentor is some of the most fulfilling work you will ever do.

But it can also be challenging, overwhelming, and lonely at times too. 

Attracting and booking clients. 

Finding a schedule and routine that works for you and your business. 

Feeling confident and present in coaching sessions when imposter syndrome is setting in.

Finding your voice and developing your core message as a coach.

Marketing your business in a way that doesn’t feel icky.

Scaling your business without losing sight of your bigger-picture.

Overcoming burnout and exhaustion.

Reaching your income goals and finding financial stability.

And actually finding time to live this awesome life that you’re building for yourself.

Nobody said it was easy, but I believe that still doesn’t mean that it has to be so damn hard either.

And that’s why I’ve created The Big-Hearted Coach.

A four month 1:1 coaching program that’s here to help you feel confident, fulfilled, and stress-free in your business.

Working with Jen is an absolutely worthwhile investment. With all of the noise creatives have to face, having such a welcoming presence to hold space for you and guide you along your entrepreneurial journey is such a relief. You’ll get the reassurance that you are on the right path no matter how it looks on the outside and the clarity to recognize what you and your business need next.

Iris Rankin of Project Intention

Intuitive Coach

Let me tell you a little more about The Big-Hearted Coach...

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a few years into your coaching business, this is for you if you’re aching to run your business on your own terms and by your own rules every step of the way. The Big-Hearted Coach is for coaches and mentors including:

  • Life coaches
  • Health coaches
  • Relationship coaches
  • Creative coaches
  • Business coaches
  • Marketing coaches
  • And more

Here's what we can focus on together:

  • Your business vision
  • Your services and offerings
  • Your income goals and how to reach them
  • Your content and messaging
  • Your marketing and on-boarding
  • Your schedule and routine
  • Your positioning and online presence
  • Your coaching practice and client work
  • Your fulfilment and satisfaction in your business

I can’t do the hard work for you, but I can support you every step of the way to move forward, make things happen, and bring to life the big-hearted coaching business you've been dreaming of. 


Paige Schmidt of Healthy Hits The Spot

Holistic Health Coach

I hired Jen because I needed help with my money mindset and sorting through self-sabotaging behavior in my business.
Jen has helped me to connect to what is truly important to me in my business: having fun. Since I’ve been focused on having fun, my business has been THRIVING. I can honestly say I’ve never felt SO good in my business.
Jen is gentle. She helps you to understand what’s going on when you can’t see it. She offers new and fresh perspectives. She’s incredibly insightful around communicating in effective ways to our tribes. She won’t hound you, she won’t make you feel guilty. She is supportive, encouraging, and is always looking to pave the way with you. Jen will help you move forward.

Here's what's included...

  • We’ll meet for a 1:1 60 minute coaching call together once a month for four months 
  • We’ll dig deep into your business, your fears, your content, your client work, and help you to move forward in a purposeful and profitable way. Sessions are always built around your current needs and the topics you’d like us to focus on.
  • After each call you’ll have access to a password protected page with a recording of our session and notes and tasks for you
  • You’ll also have access to email support in-between calls whenever you need it

And here's what we can support you to do with our 4 months together:

  • Feel confident, present, and fully-prepared in your client work
  • Feel stress-free and confident in your marketing and on-boarding
  • Have the clarity, focus, and tools you need to consistently attract and book dream clients for your services
  • Feel on top of your finances and have a plan and structure in place to help you reach your income goals
  • Have a big picture plan for how you can scale and grow your business while staying true to your core vision along the way
  • Be able to move past the fears, self-doubts, and mindsets that have been holding you back in your business so far
  • Have a routine in your business that is fulfilling, joyful, and productive instead of exhausting, draining, and overwhelming
  • Be creating and sharing content that is impactful, effective, and fun to create
  • Feel focused, fulfilled, and in control of your coaching business
  • And finally start to bring to life the big-hearted coaching business that you've been dreaming of 

Your investment?

£950 in full (saving £100)

(or two monthly payments of £525)


Jen is hardly just a coach. She’s a friend, peer, mentor, mental & emotional massage therapist, and master jedi for anyone in entrepreneurship. I don’t know quite how she does what she does but I know it’s a mix of being truly present, holding space, always relating to and validating my experience, while also offering guidance, insight, and helping me unearth my own answers and brilliance.

If you’re thinking about working with Jen? JUST DO IT ALREADY. If there is any part of you that feels creatively lacking, professionally stuck, stifled, spread-too-thin, or less than completely satisfied, she’s the lady for you.

Amy Young of Amy Young Coaching

Life Coach

More than anything, I believe you don’t have to choose between purpose, profit, or fulfilment in your business, or compromise your integrity to do the work you’re here to do in the world. You have permission to put a whole lot of heart into your coaching business and lean into your core values and intentions every step of the way.

That’s exactly why I’m inviting you today to The Big-Hearted Coach - I’d love to spend 4 months together giving you the support, guidance, and encouragement you need so you can cultivate and build that crazy-awesome big-hearted coaching business you've been dreaming of.


What I enjoy the most about working with Jen is her openness and supportive demeanour. She asks the right probing questions to get my thoughts organised, and my dedicated client page with my notes and recordings each week as well as the spreadsheets outlining my tasks really help to keep me accountable along the way.
But most of all, Jen’s personal insights and expertise are what has made working with her such a worthwhile investment and an effective and productive use of my time.

Naomi of Live Fab Life

Integrative Health Coach

Jen is gentle, persistent, loving, thoughtful and exactly what I needed. She’s insightful and always gets me thinking in new ways.

If you’re looking for someone who’ll create a space for you to explore safely, freely, and with gentle encouragement then she’s it. She helps guide you without making you feel derailed, she’s so very supportive, and really is rooting for you.

Tors Grantham of Tors Grantham

Video Strategist & Coach

About Jen


I’m a creative coach based in England and you can find a little more about my story and work this way. In my coaching business so far I’ve worked with over 150 creatives, including coaches, designers, writers, content creators, and photographers. I love supporting other creative women to make things happen in their work and their life on their own terms and by their own rules, and nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients push past fear, self-doubt and overwhelm so they can build a career and a life that feels most meaningful to them.