Take a step back and see the potential

If you’ve been blogging for a while now and you're struggling to see any results or feel really fulfilled by your process, by best advice is to take a step back and give yourself the space to make yourself bigger. If you keep on running the race that you think you should be on, and you don’t make the time to allow yourself to really unlock your true potential, you’ll struggle to really make big things happen along the way.

So why should I make myself smaller?

Because you’re probably doing a million and one things right now that you think you should be doing to grow, promote, and develop your online presence. You’re probably following in the footsteps of those who have come before you, and you’re most likely a little afraid of breaking the mould and trying something new. If everyone’s doing exactly the same thing to work towards success, everyone’s success is therefore limited. To be bigger and bolder, you have to take a step back and spend some time looking at the bigger picture. 

You are oh so capable of doing big and exciting things with your brand. By focusing too much on what has come before you and the pressures of the here and now, you’ll struggle to open yourself up to the bigger opportunities and possibilities along the way. You have two options - to stay on this path you’re on, following the advice that feels safe and doable, and hope that if you just keep on going the results will come your way. Or, you can switch things up, break the mould, think bigger with your blog, and push the boundaries of what is possible.

I personally recommend choosing option number two.

And then how do I make myself bigger?

Well that’s exactly what this six step guide is here for. I’m going to take you through four key things to help you to think bigger and bolder with your online presence:

  • Why you shouldn’t forget your invisible readers
  • Why content is more than just blog posts
  • How to build your brand values
  • Why you should chase long term goals and not instant gratification

What will making myself smaller look like?

The funny thing is, when we make ourselves smaller to make ourselves bigger, we usually end up taking a step back from the things that ultimately are keeping us small and ineffective in the first place. Making yourself smaller looks differently for everyone. What you need is to take some creative space and energy back so you can redirect it in a more purposeful and fulfilling way. For example, if you’re currently posting 5-7 days on your blog but you’ve found yourself feeling uninspired, burned out, and like you’re not having the impact and reach you really want to have - take a step back from posting so much. If you’re struggling to really get your brand to connect with your ideal audience, or feel really excited and fulfilled by your blogging process, give yourself permission to slow down a little.

Because when we stop doing the things that aren’t working, we then open ourselves up the exploring the things that will. 

A task for you:

  • Ask yourself - what am I currently doing now for my blog because I feel like I have to, not because I want to?
  • What areas can I cut back on to open up some creative space for bigger and better things?
  • What blogging ‘rules’ have I been following so far that are keeping me in a small and boxed in mindset?
  • Is what I’m focusing all my energy on right now really aligned with my bigger goals and intentions? 

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