Mini Episode: Building an effective & fulfilling routine as a creative

For the first mini episode of Season 2 I'm digging into a question sent in by Alyssa:

I am struggling with balancing all my adventures! (Calling them adventures makes it seem less daunting) I am blogging, running my first year of my freelance graphic design business, holding down a full time job, being a newlywed, and somehow making time to eat and sleep. I feel like caffeine is keeping me going most of the time and it is not sustainable... I loved your email about burn out and I feel like now is a great time for me to make some changes. I would love to pick your brain on the day to day of how you balance everything
— Alyssa

In this mini episode, I share my own experience of struggling to balance everything and the steps I've taken to build an effective and fulfilling routine that doesn't lead to burnout, overwhelm, and stress. For anyone else struggling to balance all their adventures, this is the episode for you.