Making Things Happen On Your Own Terms with Jen Carrington

For the last episode of Season 3 I thought it would be fun to switch things up and for the first time ever on the show put me in the hot seat as the interview guest instead of being the interviewer. I have been asking some awesome creatives this season about how they make things happen in their business and I thought how better to end this season than answering those questions myself. And when I thought about who best to interview me I thought who better than my other half Alex, who is also the other half of this show too as behind the scenes he is the one editing and producing this show so it can actually be brought to life each week.

Season 4 will be here in early 2017, but until then thank you so much for listening to the show this season and I hope you enjoy this last episode! 

Making Things Happen On Your Own Terms with Lucinda Burgess-Farwell

In today’s episode I’m joined by the awesome Lucinda Burgess-Farwell. Lucinda is a creative VA and we had so much fun talking about her routine and business and how she makes things happen along the way. Lucinda has also had a really incredible business journey so far too and I’m so excited for you to hear more about it in today’s episode.

7 questions I Ask My Clients When They're Unsure of What Steps to Take Next

In this mini episode I walk you through some of the questions I ask my clients whenever they’re feeling unfulfilled, and lost, and stuck, and unsure of what steps to take next in their business and creative life. This episode is for you if you’re aching for a little more clarity and direction in your creative work and life right now.