Are you ready to build a service based business that is impactful, fulfilling, and sustainable? 

Because you don't have to feel overstretched, overwhelmed, and overworked anymore if you don't want to...

Here's the thing:

I work 15-20 hour weeks.

I take 18 weeks off a year from client work.

I never, ever, work evenings and weekends.

And I make a sustainable income that enables me to provide for my family, priorities my health, and nurture my creativity too.

But it hasn't always been like this.

I've done the 60 hour workweeks, late nights and long weekends spent hunched over my laptop, and I've had to intentionally build a different type of business for myself along the way.

The type of business that works for my life, instead of a business that my life has to work around.

The type of business that honours my need for rest, and play, and white space. 

I had to give myself permission to choose more. 

To choose less stress, more joy in my creative work and life.

And the funny thing is, once I made that choice I've been able to work less, live and earn more, but also have way more impact and find so much more joy in my business too.

And over the past four years I've helped so many of my crazy-awesome coaching clients to choose more for themselves too.

To choose their health and happiness over the never-ending hustle.

To choose to run their business their way, instead of bending themselves to fit into someone else's version of success. 

To choose to make space for rest, play, adventure, and creativity in their life.

To choose more than believing the lie that you have to work yourself into the ground to be your own boss.

And I'd love to help you choose less stress, more joy too. 

Because I know that it's possible to run a service-based business that doesn't leave you overwhelmed, overstretched, and burned out along the way.

A business that is crazy impact, super fulfilling, and oh so sustainable too.

But you should know, this class isn't a quick fix, step-by-step blueprint for you to follow to completely pivot your business overnight. 

Instead, it's an opportunity for you to dive deeper into your business and build an intentional, purposeful, and focused plan of action moving forward so you can create for yourself the business and life you truly desire.

I'm going to share with you the lessons I've learned over the past four years of building a business that works for me (while still staying focused on delivering an awesome experience for my clients and customers too), and walk you through exercises to help you get super clear on how you can make this happen in your own business too. 

Less Stress, More Joy is here to help you choose more and truly build for yourself the creative work and life that you're aching for.