Because sometimes that’s where the magic happens

For the last step in this guide, I want to dig into something that I believe can be a huge game-changer for B2C service based creatives. When planning your content and digital strategy for attracting and booking dream clients, I have one last step for how you can really build the trust and cultivate the community that can really enable that client relationship along the way. 

Sharing focused, purposeful, and specific content is how you establish your expertise and value

We’ve touched on how sharing your story, your message, your methodology, and your expertise is how you establish yourself as a creative expert with services that truly offer value to those who invest in working with you. Tapping into your expertise and showing up with valuable and insightful content for your audience is how you become a go-to expert for that specific problem you solve or need you fulfil. 

But sharing personal insights and more of your personal brand is how you build that deeper human connection with prospective dream clients

It doesn’t all have to be work, work, work and on-topic to have some serious impact and reach with your dream clients. Especially if the work you’ll do together will be quite intimate - for example, one-on-one coaching sessions, or if you’re photographing a special occasion, or helping them work through a very personal problem or issue in their life - there is an element of human connection that is needed for your dream clients to take that leap into working with you one-on-one.

There is an element of human connection that is needed for your dream clients to take that leap into working with you one-on-one

Sharing more of your personal brand and humanising yourself as a creative is how you bridge that gap and build that deeper human connection with prospective dream clients. This can be anything from just short and sweet Instagram updates, to more behind the scenes personal insights, or maybe even sharing some of your off-topic interests and candid moments of your every day life - it all can do wonders for humanising your brand and building that personal connection.

Two Questions For You

1. Think of 3 creative brands and businesses that you have connected with and would consider buying from. What is it about them that has made you respect and connect with their brand?

I'm guessing that a big part of that connection came from trusting their methodology, ideas, and approach, but also resonating with who they are, why they do what they do, and the human elements of their brand. As silly as it sounds, sometimes just knowing what someone likes to watch on Netflix or how they wind down after a busy day reminds us that they're a human being too.

2. How can you go a little off-topic and share more of you online?

I really do believe in the power of purposeful and focused content marketing as a tool for attracting and booking dream clients but when you're offering a service for consumers and solving a much more human and personal need, going off-topic from time to time, whether within your content or on social media, can really help to give your brand and online presence more opportunities to authentically connect with the right people for you. 

To Finish...


Throughout this guide you will have hopefully explored:

  • How sharing your story is how you can differentiate yourself in your industry
  • How to share your message so that you can attract the right people for you
  • The ways you can tap into your creative expertise and share it through your content
  • How to show potential clients the value that they would get from investing in you and your services
  • Why going a little off-topic sometimes can actually be where the magic happens

More than anything, I hope this guide has been a jumping off point for you to really develop a content and digital strategy that allows you to share and market your work in a way that feels authentic, purposeful, and profitable too. 


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If you'd like to dig even deeper into building your own methodology, sharing your story and your message, and creating a content strategy that helps you to attract and book dream clients, my coaching services for creatives might be the perfect fit for you. You can find out more here.