Episode One: Successfully Blogging For Your Creative Business with Lauren Hooker of Elle & Company

In this episode of Make It Happen, Jen is talking with Lauren Hooker from Elle & Company about Successfully Blogging For Your Creative Business. Lauren is a graphic designer, blogger, and creative entrepreneur and over on her blog she shares practical tools to help her readers build a successful blog and business. 

Lauren shares with us the lessons she’s learned so far about successfully blogging alongside her creative business, and her best advice for anyone hoping to stand out online and make things happen with their blogs.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Lauren's journey so far as a creative entrepreneur
  • Why she started her blog and the part it plays in her business
  • Lauren's approach to authentic content marketing and her advice for anyone hoping to use their blog as a marketing tool for their creative business
  • The three areas Lauren would recommend any creative entrepreneurs to focus on if they want to to successfully blog for their business
  • Lauren's advice and lessons learned about how to use Pinterest to grow and promote your blog
  • How we use Twitter alongside our blogs
  • How and why Lauren's husband Jake came on board her business and how that has made such a positive impact on her growth ever since
  • Lauren's advice for anyone who is working hard to make things happen with their blog and/or business at the moment
  • What Lauren is making happen at the moment and how we can support her along the way

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