Episode Nine: Staying Scrappy, Building Community, & Listening To Fear with Regina Anaejionu of By Regina

In this episode of Make It Happen Jen is joined by Regina Anaejionu of byregina.com. Throughout this episode, Jen and Regina talk about Regina’s journey and story so far as a creative entrepreneur, Regina’s approach to staying scrappy, her best advice for building community online, and how fear can be a good thing instead of something that holds you back.

This is a great episode for any freelancers, bloggers, and online business owners who are looking for some practical insights and encouragement throughout their journey of making big things happen online.

What we discussed:

  • Regina’s story & journey so far
  • How Regina knew her current business was the right one for her after experimenting with many different businesses along the way
  • Why online business is ultimately a lifelong experiment and we’re all just figuring things out as we go along
  • Why Regina encourages us to shut off all the outside information sometimes when we’re ready to make things happen
  • Why Regina encourages us to be permission givers in our own lives and in our journey
  • Regina’s #StayScrappy mindset and how she encourages us to embrace it too
  • How small beginnings can be the best place to start
  • What Regina has learned about building community online and her best advice for anyone listening who wants to do the same
  • Regina’s #lovehelpsandwich approach to her sales system
  • How maybe tuning into our extroverted and/or introverted natures and who we are can help guide us in our approach to launching products and services
  • How Regina listens to her fear and how it plays a positive part in her business without holding her back
  • Regina’s best advice for anyone who is working hard to make things happen online right now
  • What Regina is working hard to make happen right now and how we can get involved

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Music & Editing: Alex Kontis


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