Episode Four: Authentically Building Trust Online a solo episode with Jen

In this episode, Jen talks about authentically building trust online. From why you should give 99% of it away for free, to the different ways you can delight and over deliver, this episode is for you if if you're hoping to use your blog as an outlet to connect with your ideal readers, clients, and customers, and you really want to craft an authentic online space that builds trust with your community and ultimately allows you to do the work that you feel inspired to do.

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In this episode Jen discussed:

  • Why you should serve the people you can actually help
  • How you can embrace a culture of transparency with your blog
  • How Jen overcame her discomfort around talking about money
  • Why it’s important to be available online
  • The importance of sharing our personality online
  • Why we should give 99% of it away for free
  • How to delight and over deliver

Links mentioned:

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Blog Post: How To Share Advice On Your Blog In An Authentic Way

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Music & Editing: Alex Kontis


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