Just Because You Can’t See Them, Doesn’t Mean They’re Not There

One of the ways we keep ourselves small with our blogs is by trying too hard to please the masses. It’s so easy to find yourself in a trap of trying to keep your readers happy, and ultimately what you’ll find is that you forgo innovation and big ideas for an easier and more predictable path.

The key to unlocking your potential and thinking bigger with your blog is to not forget your invisible readers. Your community is much bigger than just what you see in your comments section and on social media - and although your actively engaged audience are your people too, there are also a whole bunch of dedicated readers behind the scenes who you just can’t see yet.

Ultimately, what this step is about is keeping in mind that you should direct your audience as much as, if not more than, they direct you. To create purposeful content that connects and converts, creating for your audience is key. However, there’s a difference between being reader focused and being reader led. If we find ourselves worrying too much about pleasing our audience, we’ll struggle to think big and tap into one of the biggest secrets of making things happen with our blogs: give them what they didn’t know they wanted. 

This step is all about thinking bigger with your audience. Because once you do that, exciting things can start to happen. 


There's a difference between being reader-focused and reader-led. Unlock your blog's potential by keeping yourself open to your invisible readers and always remember that you can be bigger than what you have been so far.


So who exactly are my invisible readers?

If you look into your analytics and see how many reoccurring readers you have each month, you’ll probably see that there are quite a few - most likely in the thousands if you’ve been blogging for a while now. If you sit back and think of all the readers you have interacted with, and the faces you remember on a weekly basis, I’m guessing that’s not a number in the thousands. There are tons of readers connecting with your blog each month that you’re not just not aware of, and to base your readership solely on the visible readers is to do yourself and your blog a disservice. 

If you’ve found yourself in a box, feeling like there’s a certain type of content that’s expected from you, or like you've started to become known for a specific thing but you want to become more than just that, open yourself up to the idea of your invisible readers. 

And why are they so important?

Keeping your invisible readers in mind is key for anyone who wants to think bigger with their blog and online presence. If you have big plans for your online space, and some really exciting goals you want to work towards, you have to make sure that you’re connecting with the right people for you. So many times I think people struggle along the way because they try and fit into the audience they’ve already built, whereas they don’t realise that there are most likely tons of readers out there who are open to whatever it is they want to create. Keeping your invisible readers in mind can be an empowering process - it reminds you that you can be bigger than what you already are, and that you do have the space and the freedom to take risks and be brave with your blog.

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