Six Questions For You

1. Think back to your current and previous clients; who have you enjoyed working with the most? Who have you got the best results for? Who were you crazy excited to work with? 

Write down the specifics about them and start to find a pattern; is it a particular niche, industry, or mindset that they brought to your time working together? Think back to every single time working with a client made you crazy excited to jump into work each morning, and really start to explore a comment theme throughout all of your past and current dream clients.

2. What about the ones you didn’t enjoy working with; why weren’t they dreamy clients?

What client engagements have felt like a drain on your creative energy? Write down and start to explore the times a project or a client felt unenjoyable and/or uninspiring for you. Is there a certain type of client/team/company you aren't best suited to? How about a mindset or approach that doesn't fit well with your own?

3. What is your dream client interaction like? What kind of client relationship do you want to build and cultivate?

Do you like to keep things professional? Or do you like to really get to know each other and cultivate an authentic connection and friendship with your clients along the way? What kind of client interactions - from face to face meetings to email and everything else in between - do you enjoy the most? What things have frustrated you along the way so far that you want to avoid in future client relationships? 

4. What do you want to help your dream clients achieve? What are they working towards and why are they choosing to hire you to help them?

When you think about your dream clients, what is it they're truly trying to achieve by hiring you? What results do you want to deliver? 

5. What motivates your dream clients? What’s the why behind the goal they’re working towards?

What motivates their hard work and hustle? What 'why' can you and your creative expertise connect with the most? What 'why' does your work serve best? 

6. Who do you serve best? Who do you really deliver for with your creative expertise and genius? Where does the magic happen with you and your work?

Think back to times where you truly delivered (and then some) with your creative service. Where does the magic happen? When you really dig into your creative expertise, what type of clients, projects, and environments do you suit best? 

Now you write your list.

Write down every single category/type of dream client for you and your creative business. The best kind of lists blends together who it is you're excited and inspired to work with, and who it is you can truly serve best. For example, my list looks a little something like this : purpose driven health & wellbeing coaches, photographers, designers, life & relationship coaches, stylists, creative coaches, and creative infopreneurs. Knowing my list helps me to truly stay focused with my marketing and how I craft and creative services, content, and products along the way. Honing in on your dream clients is how you create a brand and a business that is focused and specific, instead of generic and forgettable. 

So write your list. Jot down every single dream client you can think of, and maybe even get super specific and create a 'dream client bucket list'. I have one and it's what keeps me inspired when I'm feeling a little burnt out and exhausted from my work. Give yourself permission to do work that not only pays the bills, but also feels super dreamy and fulfilling along the way too. 

Give yourself permission to do work that not only pays the bills, but also feels super dreamy and fulfilling along the way too