It Can Be Anything You Want It To Be

If you want to start thinking bigger with your blog, you probably already know and understand the power your content has as a driving force for your online presence. It’s how you share your message, your ideas, and your enthusiasm with the world. The freedom online to self-publish is a wonderful thing, yet I think for so many of us we keep ourselves small by thinking of online content as blog posts and blog posts alone.

Content comes in all different shapes and sizes

It’s anything you want it to be. If you’re opening yourself up to making yourself smaller to then make yourself bigger, this can be one of the most powerful steps to take. By taking a step back from the content you think you should be creating, and giving yourself the space to explore the content you want to be creating, you can start to do some seriously exciting things with your online space. 

Whether your blog is something you eventually hope to turn into a profitable income stream, or you utilise it as a marketing tool for your creative business, the bigger you think with your content, the bigger the impact it can have along the way. 

The secret here is to be innovative in your approach to creating and sharing online. We've all been told over and over again how over-saturated the market is, yet all that means is that it's the perfect opportunity to break the mould, try something new, and keep on raising the bar of what your blog can really be.



Content is way WAY more than just blog posts. You have newsletters, audio, video, social media, digital products and so much more at your disposal to be of more service to your audience. If you want to think bigger with your blog, content is the perfect place to start. 


How can I think bigger with my content?

There’s no one-size formula fits all for this stage. It’s all about digging deep to really understand your intentions, your audience, their needs, and your blog and business needs too. The best place to start is to look around at whatever everyone else is doing and ask yourself - do I want to compete with this, or do I want to take a step back, run my own race, and bring something different to the table?

You have innovative, exciting, and engaging ideas inside of you. The only thing keeping them small is the pressure you’re putting on yourself to follow the path of everyone else who has already come before.

Tasks for you:

  1. What blogging 'rules' have you been following so far? Whether it’s how often you post, the style of your content, or the way you share it - what is the ’norm’ for your industry/community?
  2. Be honest - does following these rules help your blog and brand to stand out, or does it just keep you in the same race as everyone else?
  3. What are your audience’s needs? What part does your blog play in their lives? Do you inform? Inspire? Motivate? Entertain?
  4. What exciting ways could you push the boundaries with your content, stand out in the crowd, and be of more service to your community?
  5. What different formats and ways of sharing could you explore? 
  6. Could you say more with less? Or could you maybe push yourself to share more in different ways?

Next Step