Which Template?

There are tons of Squarespace templates to choose from, but to make it a little easier for you today I'm breaking down six of my favourites.


Marquee is awesome for if you want to build a super beautiful and visual heavy site. With parallax scrolling and the options for both a simple and a column style blog, it's great for a super eye-catching home page with an awesome mobile display too. 

Awesome for photographers, restaurants, shops, and even bloggers who want to really push the boat out with their design, there's so much you can do and customise with this template. 




One of my favourites, this is probably one of the most popular Squarespace templates for creative businesses - though that doesn't mean there's not room to make it your own and stand out. The layout for this one is great for anyone who wants a really engaging and visual home page and a well-designed blog too as the Bedford blog template is super minimal and fuss free. 


Supply is great for if you want to create something a little bit different. Recommend for businesses, I also think this can work great for blogs that fancy feeling more like a brand than just a source of content. With the navigation at the side, this template switches things up a little and I would say the only downside is the lack of an option for a sidebar for the blog. Though if you're happy to go without, I think this template is definitely worth checking out!




Avenue is an awesome template and one I've created sites on in the past. Super simple and perfect for bloggers and creative folk, this is a great choice for if you want a grid based layout. The format of the blog is also great and if you want something a little more simple, Avenue is the template for you. 

There's enough options for customisations in this one to still make it pretty unique to you and your brand - the more you explore each template, the more you can see the possibilities of each.


This one may seem like an odd option for bloggers as it's recommend more for restaurants, agencies and wedding sites, however I think if you're looking for something a little inventive and different this is definitely worth exploring. 

It's a one page site which is awesome for browsing, it has the option for content overlays which I think looks awesome, and I think the blog page is fantastic for sharing content. 




One of Squarespace's newest templates, I think Horizon is an awesome option for building a visual heavy and exciting website. Probably more aimed at bands and stores, I think if you want to do something a little different this could be a great option for bloggers. 

Definitely explore this one in a little more depth as I think there are some awesome features that aren't quite as obvious at first glance.


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