Because you don’t need to do this on your own anymore...

I've seen my clients do incredible things.

Launch their brand new business from scratch.

Take their side hustle full time so they can quit their day job and be their own boss.

Finally write that book, launch that course, or start that podcast that they've been dreaming of for years.

Take back control of their business and build for themselves an impactful, fulfilling, and sustainable creative life.

Become the bravest version of themselves in their creative work and life.

What do you want to make happen in your creative work and life?

Find more fulfilment, joy, and ease in your business?

Finally take the leap and build that big-hearted business you've been dreaming of?

Bring to life the creative work that you've been procrastinating on for years?

Turn your fledgling new business into a thriving, profitable, and crazy-awesome brand?

I'm here to help you move forward, make things happen on your own terms and by your own rules, and cultivate and build an impactful, fulfilling, and sustainable creative life.

I couldn’t imagine working with a different coach after working with Jen, she has all the knowledge and knows exactly how to push you to the correct choices.

Jen is a wonderful coach for creatives as she has experience building her own business in a way that suits her and that is what she can do you for you. You will come out of the coaching experience feeling fulfilled and confident in your own abilities and your work will never be the same again (in a good way!)

Cat Byrne of Gatto Web

Branding & Web Designer


As a creative coach I work with big-hearted business owners and creatives to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your creative work and life.

I’ve seen my clients get booked out months in advance, cultivate a game changing community around their brand, create content that makes people pay attention, develop and market services, products, and resources that deliver and delight, and launch podcasts, magazines, courses, and entire brands from scratch. I've seen them overcome fears, obstacles, and mindsets that have been holding them back for years, and I've seen them give themselves permission to build a creative life and business on their own terms, in their own way, and by their own rules.

Over the past five years I’ve supported big-hearted creatives like coaches, designers, writers, illustrators, photographers, bloggers, copywriters, and stylists to choose more for themselves in their creative work and life.

I would love to help you do this too.

If I hadn’t worked with Jen there’d be no way that I would have had the successes I’ve had this year.

When I first started working with Jen I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing, or what I was going to do. And over the six months of working with her I formulated a business, launched it and became booked out. She helped me formulate my niche, to double down on what I’m good at, to work out what I could actually do. She made me believe that I had value to offer and kept me focused even in those scary first few weeks of business.

Kayte Ferris of Simple & Season

Marketing Coach & Blogger


Here’s what I believe is possible for you:

A wholehearted, crazy-awesome, impactful, fulfilling, and sustainable creative life.

And why? Because I’ve seen my clients create exactly that. We’ll cut through all of the noise, explore all of your fears, self-doubt, and limiting self-beliefs, and do the work it takes to empower you to give yourself permission to build the creative work and life that you truly want along the way. Throughout our time together I will support you to take intentional action in your business, move past the mindsets and fears that may be holding you back, and to cultivate and build an impactful, fulfilling, and sustainable creative life - on your own terms and by your own rules every step of the way

Since working with Jen I have discovered a new me. A courageous person, who is not afraid to show her point of view and her work, no matter what.

Jen’s coaching style is very engaging in a positive, always constructive, way. Thought-provoking but never aggressive. Jen made me look deep inside my mind and my emotions, and progress in the right direction but she never forced me into a place I was not ready to occupy.

Working with Jen is one of the best investments you can do in your business because you’ll come out so much stronger and focused afterwards, ready for the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being a creative entrepreneur.

Sílvia Almeida of Glow Chef

Healthy Eating Mentor


  • You're feeling unfulfilled in your creative work and life

  • You're feeling lost, scattered, and overwhelmed in this journey

  • You're struggling to move forward in your business, or you're struggling to even get started in the first place

  • You're ready to really discover your strengths, your gifts, and your voice and take ownership of them along the way

  • You work best in a supportive and encouraging environment

  • You're fed up of holding yourself back and you're ready to move past fear and self-limiting beliefs

  • You need someone to keep you accountable and focused

  • You want clarity around your brand, your offerings, your content, and your website

  • You struggle with the technical side of things and would love someone to walk it through with you step-by-step

  • You're ready to make a big change and you don't want to do this alone

  • You're feeling disconnected from your creativity and your best ideas and you're aching to find inspiration again

  • You want purposeful strategy to move you and your work forward instead of one-size-fits-all formulas and quick fixes

  • You want to carve out space to focus on you, your business, your creativity, and your life

  • You're ready to spend three or six months together helping you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you really want to be

And the best way to know if I’m the right coach for you? Read my blog and Weekly Letters, listen to my podcast, and browse through my client stories to see if my work, my coaching style, and my message resonates with you

I actually can’t believe I’m where I am now compared to 6 months ago. I was able to make huge steps in both my life and business. I’ve worked through things that were holding me back – even things I didn’t realise. I’m starting work on projects I honestly thought I would never get to and I’m getting a glimpse at a life I never thought I would actually lead.

Hannah Lewis of Hannah Isabel Lewis




Here's how we're going to spend three or six months together making awesome things happen in your creative work and life...

Five or Ten 60-minute coaching calls

Every 2-3 weeks we will jump on a Skype call together for a 60 minute coaching session. We’ll dive deep into your business, your big hopes and dreams, and the things that may be holding you back along the way. I’ll walk you through exercises and tasks to support you in the pursuit of your goals, and hold space for you to really listen to yourself along the way. After each coaching session you will feel clarified, inspired, and ready to take action in your business and creative life.

Plus additional email support whenever you need it too

Throughout our time working together I'm always just an email away for whenever you may need a little pep talk, accountability, guidance or encouragement along the way. I'll also be checking in in-between our calls too to see how you're getting on and remind you that you're not alone in this journey.

Tasks, goals, and intentions to keep you moving forward

At the end of each call we will always set tasks, goals, and intentions to keep you moving forward for the next two weeks ahead. I’ll also provide exercises and resources to support you along the way too. 

Exclusive access to my courses and programs

During our time working together you'll have access to any programs and courses I create that may be of service to you in your journey along the way.

A password protected client page

You’ll also have access to a password protected client page with a recording and notes from our sessions which you can continue to access once we’ve finished our work together too.

Are you ready to make space for more? 

More impact. More dream clients. More clarity. More stability. More freedom. More fulfilment. More joy.

3 Months

(5 calls)

Your investment: £1850 in full (saving £100)

(or three monthly payments of £650)

6 Months

(10 calls)

Your investment: £3480 in full (saving £120)

(or six monthly payments of £600)

Three months together is perfect for getting you unstuck, finding clarity, focus, and direction in your business and creative work, and building a clear plan of action to get you moving forward in a way that truly works best for you.

Six months together is perfect for making a big change in your creative work and life, whether it’s starting that business you’ve been dreaming of, pivoting the one you’ve already built into something that works better for you, or figuring out what it is you really want to do next in your journey and then actually making it happen too.

now booking for march 2020

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Halfway through my work with Jen I felt like I’d already achieved 100% value from my investment. I’d come further than I would have dreamed and had made business decisions that I otherwise would have put off for years. If you’re out to radically pivot your business, go freelance, launch a new project or even just get the type of clarity I was looking for, I couldn’t recommend working with Jen enough.

Beth Gladstone of Beth Gladstone Digital

Freelance Digital Marketer & Content Writer


  • Find clarity, focus, & direction with your creative work

  • Develop your signature services or products

  • Launch or relaunch your brand and online presence

  • Help you to finally cut all of the noise so you can listen to the most important voice: your own

  • Develop a meaningful, impactful, & effective content plan

  • Tackle the fears & mindsets that have been holding you back along the way

  • Add more joy to your routine, your schedule, and your creative process

  • Walk you through a transition period in your creative work and life

  • Have access to feedback, accountability, and support every step of the way

  • Finally launch the podcast, e-book, blog, or course that you can’t stop thinking about

  • Help you take control of your online presence so you can monetise it in the best way for you

  • Help you move past burn out and overwhelm and create systems and routines that will keep you happy and healthy in your business

  • Develop the tools, confidence, strategy, and intuition you need to move forward with your creative work in a way that feels good to you

I can’t do the hard work for you, but I can support you every step of the way to move forward, make things happen, and bring to fruition the creative work and life that you're aching for.

If you want to be the most brilliant version of yourself get coaching with Jen. She’ll give you the space and encouragement to work out who that is. She also has the business expertise and common sense to help you figure out how to put it into practice. It’s also great to have a safe and encouraging space to admit to your greatest fears as well as your biggest dreams, because that’s a powerful place to build a successful business from.

Katya Willems of Easyinstamcr

Instagram Coach


Creative mentor

I’m here to listen, support, and encourage you in your journey and offer up an alternative point of view and guidance whenever you may feel stuck along the way. I’ll share insights and the lessons I’ve learned along the way in my own journey as a business owner and creative coach, and I’ll hold space for you to really explore all of the ideas, dreams, and fears that are overflowing in your mind.

Biggest cheerleader

I’m here to cheer you on every step of the way. I’ll root for you even when things get hard, I’ll remind you of what you’re capable of even when you can’t see it yourself, and throughout our time together you will never feel alone in the pursuit of your big goals and dreams.

Accountability buddy

I’m here to hold you accountable to the goals and intentions that you set for yourself in this season of your creative life. Every coaching call we’ll check in, touch base, and get to the heart of how best to keep you moving forward along the way. When you’re facing resistance we’ll dive deep and find out why, and we will celebrate every big and small milestone and goal met along the way too.

Strategic partner in crime

I’m here to support you to stop dreaming about it and actually take action towards the creative work and life that you’re aching for. Together we will dream big, get super specific on your goals and what it’s going to take to them make them happen, and build a purposeful and actionable plan to move your forward in the direction that works best for you.

After our coaching calls my clients tell me that they feel: lighter, inspired, energised, motivated, clarified, focused, and fired up and ready to make things happen.

Jen is great at empowering you to trust your intuition, build on your strength and discover the answers within. She has a wealth of experience working with lots of creative entrepreneurs and hence really understands how to help you break down barriers - both external as well as internal ones.

Jen’s approach is warm, kind, encouraging and empowering. If you’re stuck and want a safe space to voice ideas and dreams and get the support to develop a clear road map and structure to progress, Jen is for you!

Kimberly Espinel of The Little Plantation

Food Photographer, Stylist, & Blogger

Jen-Carrington-Creative-Coach-Podcaster-Hi-Res-13 copy.jpg

My promise to you:

As your coach, I promise you this: I will show up for you and be there every step of the way.

I’ll listen to you, and I’ll make space for what matters to you most in this season. We’ll have deep and meaningful conversations, and fun and light-hearted ones too. I’ll push you when you need it, and take it a little slower when you need that too. More than anything, I’ll remind you of what you’re capable of even when you cannot see it yourself.

All I ask is that you give this process 100% too. Over our time together we can make incredible things happen in your creative work and life - all you have to do is choose more

You feel like the only person in the world in your sessions with Jen, she listens so intently and plays back what she thinks is going on with such insight. And she’s so gentle, I experienced a difficult personal time during our period of working together and Jen really held me when I needed it most.

Jen will be your biggest supporter and she’ll work with you to find a way to make your dreams come true. If you’re thinking about working with her, go for it - you won’t regret it!

Jane McCarthy of Jane McCarthy

Blogger & Writer


I’m now booking for March 2020!

I would be so honoured to support you in your creative work and life next year. If you have any questions about working together or would like to book your spot you can get in touch via the button below!

I can’t wait to connect with you more soon!

3 Months

(5 calls)

Your investment: £1850 in full (saving £100)

(or three monthly payments of £650)

6 Months

(10 calls)

Your investment: £3480 in full (saving £120)

(or six monthly payments of £600)