Now It's Time For The Fun Part

Building a site from scratch may seem super daunting, but from my own experience it's totally doable on Squarespace within even just 24 hours. The platform makes it super easy for you to build your site and at this point you should have a better idea of what exactly you want from your site so it will be much easier for you to get stuck in and get going. 

Understanding Pages

Let's get your head around the different types of pages you can create



This is probably the page you'll use the most. A page is just a normal web page for anything like your Home page, your About page, your Contact page etc. 


Folders are great for if you have a lot of not-linked pages  behind-the-scenes. For example, I have password protected pages for all of my coaching clients so they can have access to their notes and tasks and resources and I keep them all in an organised folder so that it's easier to stay on top of it. 


Your blog page will be where you house your blog - if you want your blog to be the home page too you just need to choose that in the settings. Each template has a different blog style and it's worth exploring them to find the one that works best for you. 


If you're running an ecommerce store, this it the page where you'll share and sell all of your products.


This one is for any musicians as it's a great way to share your music and allow fans to listen and stream. 


If you like to share lots of visual and video content, or you want to build a portfolio page, the Gallery page is awesome for the job. 


The link option is how you can have a direct link from your navigation to a link from outside of your site. 

Cover Page

I think Cover Pages are pretty awesome. There are a few to choose from as just a single page which you can use as  an enter page, or a sign up page, or even a coming soon page. 


Not all templates have an Index page available, but if it does it's a great way to share your content in a super easy to browse format. 


This page is awesome for bands, agencies, and business owners and public speakers who want a page to house any tour dates and upcoming events. 

Understanding & Using Blocks

Learn how to customise your design


What are blocks?

Blocks are how you customise your blog design and add content to your site and blog posts. They're pretty much where the magic happens with Squarespace and the options are super varied and extensive. 

How do I use them?

Blocks can be dragged, dropped, and moved around to help you customise your site. If you hover over the left side of your web page when in edit mode, a little insert point will appear and once clicked will pop up the content block menu. 

Just Experiment

You can only really make the most out of blocks if you experiment, explore, and get to grips with what's on offer and available. Spend some time experimenting and finding your feet and soon you'll be full of awesome ideas for how you can customise your site

Some Of My Favourite Blocks


Super simple, the Text block is how you can add text to your site. This will probably be one of the blocks you use the most. 


The Embed block is great for adding external content to your site, for example a Spotify or SoundCloud playlist.

Button Block

I love Button blocks, they're great for adding in external links and calls to action and I think they look pretty good within the design too. You can customise these in the Style editor which is also great. 

Line Block

Line blocks are great for breaking up text, content, and structuring your site. 



Another block you'll probably use often, the Image block is how you'll add visuals to your blog posts and standalone pages. 

Gallery Blocks

Gallery blocks are great for sharing multiple photos or videos and can be used in both blog posts and standalone pages. There are four different styles of Gallery blocks to choose from too. 

Social Links

Squarespace makes linking to your social media accounts super easy as you can just add the icons wherever on your site and within your content. 

Calendar Block

The Calendar block is pretty cool for if you want to share your content at a glance. Not only is it a well designed featured but it's great for letting your audience browse too. 


The Quote block is great for adding in quotes to blog posts and testimonials too for anyone with a service or product based business. 

Summary Blocks

Summary Blocks are one of my favourite tools on Squarespace - it's a great way to share content, information, updates, and events in a grid style layout. Like the Gallery blocks, there are also four different styles of Summary blocks to choose from.

Menu Block

've never personally used this but it looks pretty cool for any restaurants and cafes. 

Newsletter Block

If you're running an email list and email newsletter, the newsletter block is a great way to let your readers sign up and subscribe to your list. 

Using The Style Editor


The Style Editor is where you can edit and customise your fonts, background images, spacing and padding, site colours, and so much more. This is where any permanent design changes take place and where you can really start to customise your site. I recommend taking the time to choose features that you will be happy with in the long run and a colour palette that works for you and your blog. 

This post from Squarespace on Making Style Changes is definitely worth a read. 



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