Let Your Blog Stand For Something Bigger Than Just You

If you want to really make big things happen with your blog, letting it stand for something bigger than just yourself is essential in building your brand values and core ethos. Although for many of us our blogs are a huge extension of our personal brand and our creativity, to truly connect and engage with an audience the focus has to be on what your blog can do for them. 

This in itself is an inspiring approach to blogging. Creating something that is bigger than just yourself, that stands for something and has its foundations in something deeper than what you just see at first glance is a sure fire way to develop, nurture, and grow a brand that is capable of big and exciting things. 

It's time to build your brand values

Building your brand values is one of the best ways to really hone in on what your blog stands for, why it exists, and its bigger purpose and intentions. Once you allow your blog to stand for something bigger and bolder, your audience will be able to connect with it more and on a deeper level.

If you're ready to start thinking bigger with your blog, taking the time to explore and build your brands values is a step I definitely recommend making time for. 

Something to note

It's okay if your brand values evolve and develop over time. Thinking big also means allowing yourself the freedom and space to change along the way.

How To Build Your Brand Values

Your brand values will work alongside everything that you do. They help you to think bigger and take braver and bolder risks with the decisions that you make. They will push you to do work full of purpose and meaning, and ultimately make seriously awesome things happen with your blog.

You can do various things with the answers you discover from the following questions. You can use them as jumping off points to explore your brand in even more depth and the motivations behind everything you do. They can be a catalyst for some seriously big ideas and plans for the future. You can also use them as the foundation for your mission statement or manifesto. 

  • What is the passion behind your blog? Why are you so motivated and dedicated to your topic?
  • How has your story so far led you to this point?
  • Who is your blog for? Why do you want to create for them?
  • What are the needs and interests of your ideal readers?
  • What are the core creative values behind your blog? How do they play a part in defining the work that you do?
  • If you had to summarise your blog’s purpose in just a sentence or two, what would you say?

Next Step